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Cyber Concerns in Connected Cars

By Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

The automotive industry and top technology companies are functioning closely to bring the most advanced, comfortable, and safer vehicles to market. Today, cars have become huge smart devices with advanced features like emergency brake capabilities, autonomous driving mapping technology, improved fuel efficiency, and cars as a transport service.

Most of the autonomous driving technologies have made a lot of progress, and while some companies have tested their self-driving functionality on open roads, there is still a long way from adopting these cars widely. The numbers of cars are adapted with semi-autonomous capabilities such as automatic braking sensors, blind spots mapping technology, motorway lane sensors, back and front cameras, and self-parking.

Most of the UK people believe that driverless vehicles are more likely to ease their lives and are eager to have that experience. The driverless car technologies are expected to reduce the gridlock that the cities are now facing. Automotive manufacturers predict that the new driverless vehicle technology will make more numbers in vehicle purchasing. And technology companies will work with major car manufacturers to invest their experience and know-how into the process with the hope of earning huge profits.


Despite the huge gains from autonomous vehicles, both socially and economically, some problems will inevitably arise; Cybersecurity is one of that biggest threats. Today's cars have 100s of electronic control units (ECUs) that can support more than 100 million coding lines, and the fraudsters could target this. If hackers control the peripheral ECU, the complete access to all other ECUs will be controlled, indicating that all security systems are threatened. Future connected cars are expected to have more ECUs than current tech-based cars, which can be an opportunity for cyber attack by hackers.

Many companies around the world are in the process of research and development to secure these cars from cyberattacks by making use of various security products installed at different levels of security of the car. Industry experts believe that once the technology is put into place, the driving safety will be improved and accidents on highways are expected to reduce to an extent. However, the nightmare of dealing with the threat always exists when sit is a matter of anything connected to the internet will always be a cause of concern.

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