Connected Cars: What are their Features?

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Connected cars are the new industry norm, and people can only expect it to get better and better.

FREMONT, CA:  A connected vehicle is outfitted with a slew of convenient and intelligent features. Connected car technology enhances the overall driving and ownership experience while providing a safety net through advanced security features. The following are some of the good qualities of a connected vehicle:

Internet Access in Automobiles

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A connected car is always linked to the internet via an embedded chipset or SIM card, and it can access it as long as the wireless network coverage is stable. Additionally, connected vehicles can provide onboard Wi-Fi, download manufacturer-released over-the-air updates, and access other online apps and services.

Connectivity Between the App and the Car

Nowadays, automobile manufacturers provide a dedicated smartphone app that establishes a wireless connection with the vehicle. The app enables users to remotely control car functions such as locking/unlocking the door, opening the sunroof, starting/stopping the engine, adjusting the climate control, turning on/off the headlights, and honking the horn. Additionally, the app will assist in locating the vehicle via the onboard GPS.

Using "Curfews" to Protect Young Drivers

Geo-Fencing is a critical security feature built into connected vehicles. In simple terms, it establishes a geographical boundary on the map and notifies that the car owner is driven outside of the specified limit. Geo-fencing can be configured via the smartphone app, and this is a handy feature if users are concerned about young/inexperienced drivers taking the car out.

Communication Between Vehicles

Connected vehicles communicate with one another via vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity technology. The V-2-V protocol enables the exchange of critical information such as traffic flow, road conditions, and speed limits. V-2-V technology will be a crucial component of autonomous vehicles, which are widely regarded as future transportation.


A connected vehicle provides access to a variety of pre-loaded entertainment services/apps. Users can listen to music, watch videos, or even listen to the internet radio (when the vehicle is parked). Additionally, users can connect their smartphone to the car's infotainment system via apps and remotely control the audio/video.

Parking in a Remote Location

As the name implies, some high-end connected cars even allow for remote parking. Drivers can exit their vehicle and maneuver it into the desired parking spot using smartphones or a smart key fob. This feature is helpful in congested parking spaces and when they are unsure about parking in a highly crowded area.


Connected vehicles include several critical security features, including real-time location sharing/tracking, emergency SOS calls in an accident, and roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Apart from the onboard safety equipment, these intelligent safety features prove helpful under challenging situations.

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