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Clarience Technologies To Include Tire-Related Technologies, Secures Pressure Systems International

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Clarience Technologies has purchased Pressure Systems International to include tire-related technologies gaining widespread adoption as commercial fleets shift toward electric vehicles.

FREMONT, CA: Tire technology is rapidly evolving with vehicle technology. New vehicle types present tire manufacturers with new challenges, while new material research and tire designs produce greener, more sustainable goods. The big tire makers are under pressure to invest in tires for the future and find ways to connect tires to servicing facilities and roadways more effectively. Clarience Technologies™ has acquired Pressure Systems International® (PSI), the world's leading provider of automatic tire inflation systems for commercial truck trailers, effectively expanding the company's technology portfolio to include tire-related technologies that are gaining widespread adoption as commercial fleets transition to electric vehicles.

"As electric vehicle fleets seek to maximize range and minimize downtime, tire rolling resistance plays an increasingly important role in determining EV range," states Brian Kupchella, Clarience Technologies CEO. "P.S.I. is an industry innovator that expands our technology capabilities, making the company a strong, strategic fit with Clarience Technologies."

The transaction includes PSI and Truck System Technologies® operations, both based in San Antonio, Texas. The firm will function as a separate division of Clarience Technologies. Tim Musgrave, President and Chief Executive Officer of PSI, will remain in his current role.

P.S.I. has been the leader in adopting automatic trailer tire inflation systems, with approximately 2 million of their systems installed on commercial trailers. The company expanded into the RV trailer sector in 2017 by acquiring Truck System Technologies, building on its prior success (TST). Currently, TST provides the only OEM-approved, factory-installed tire pressure monitoring system for travel trailers, a system offered by Thor, Forest River, and Airstream, among others.

Clarience Technologies, headquartered in Michigan, is the parent business of multiple products that serve the commercial transportation industry, including Truck-Lite® vehicle lighting solutions, Road ReadyTM advanced telematics, DAVCO filtration systems, ECCO safety systems, and LED Autolamps. The firm also owns Rigid Industries, a provider of LED lighting for the off-road recreational vehicle market; Lumitec, a provider of commercial lighting for the luxury marine sector; and Code 3, a provider of lighting and linked systems for emergency vehicles.

"In 1993, we imagined a better way for fleets to keep their tires at the correct tire pressure. We realized quickly we were doing more than forming a new company—we were launching a new industry," comments Tim Musgrave, President, and CEO, of Pressure Systems Technologies. "Now, as part of Clarience Technologies, we can continue delivering future innovations to transportation."

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