Characteristics & Advantages Of Connected Cars

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 06, 2022

A connected car is a vehicle that can access the Internet through an inbuilt connectivity system.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is evolving rapidly, and the Internet has changed how people communicate or do their day-to-day tasks. The world is 'connected,' and you can find almost everything on the Internet. So why won't cars do the same when everything is connected via the Internet? Yes, this new technology is named Connected Car Technology. Connected cars have turned the new norm in the automobile industry, and we can only wait for them to improve.

What is a Connected Car?

In layman's language, any vehicle/car connected to the Internet is called a Connected Car. Generally, such vehicles connect to the Internet using WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). A connected vehicle can share the Internet with devices inside & outside the car and, simultaneously, share data with any external device/services. In addition, connected vehicles can always access the Internet to perform functions/download data when the user requests.

How Does Connected Car Technology Work?

Any vehicle equipped with internet connectivity can be called a connected car. Presently, automobile companies use two kinds of systems in connected cars: Embedded and Tethered systems. A connected vehicle will be equipped with a chipset and built-in antenna, and a Tethered system will be equipped with hardware that links to the driver's smartphone.

A connected vehicle can access/transmit data, download software updates/patches, link with other devices (Internet Of Things or IoT), and provide WiFi internet connection to passengers. In addition, connected car telematics can also be accessed through connected technology, which is extremely useful for electric vehicles.

Features of Connected Vehicles:

A connected vehicle arises equipped with a host of smart and convenient features. The characteristics of connected car technology improve the overall driving and ownership experience and add a safety net with its advanced security features. Below are the smart characteristics of a connected vehicle:

Internet Connectivity in Cars

A connected car is regularly connected to the net via an embedded chipset or SIM card, and it is able to access the Internet, supplied there may be stable wi-fi network coverage. connected vehicles can also give onboard WiFi connectivity, down load over-the-air updates released by means of the manufacturer and get entry to other online apps and offerings.

App to Car Connectivity

Car manufacturers present a dedicated smartphone app that connects with the vehicle through a wireless network. The app enables users to remotely operate the functions of a car, such as locking/unlocking the door, opening the sunroof, engine start/stop, climate control, headlight on/off and honking the horn. In addition, the app will also support locating the car through the onboard GPS.

Protecting Young Drivers with "Curfews"

The connected vehicles come with a crucial security feature known as Geo-Fencing. Simply put, it creates a geographical boundary on the map and alerts the owner if the vehicle is driven beyond the set boundary. The geo-fencing can be set through the smartphone app, and this feature will be extremely useful if you are worried about young/inexperienced drivers taking the car out.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity technology enables connected vehicles to communicate with each other. The V-2-V enables sharing of vital information such as traffic movement, road conditions, speed limits, etc. V-2-V technology will be a crucial part of autonomous vehicles, which are deemed the future of mobility.


A vehicle will allow you to connect to a host of pre-loaded entertainment services/apps. For example, you can listen to music, internet radio or even watch videos (when the vehicle is parked). Aside from that, you can also connect your smartphone to the car's infotainment system via apps and remotely control the audio/video.

Remote Parking

As in keeping with the call, a few high-end linked cars even enable you to remotely park the vehicle. you could get from your vehicle and operate the auto to park it inside the desired spot by way of using the cellphone app or the clever key fob. This component will are available handy in tight parking spaces and when you are not confident approximately parking the automobile in a very congested vicinity.


linked automobiles come geared up with numerous critical protection functions which include actual-time location sharing/tracking, emergency SOS calls in case of an twist of fate, roadside assistance in automobile breakdown and plenty extra. besides the onboard safety equipment, those smart safety functions are available on hand throughout intricate situations.

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