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Broadcom launches BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

By Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hock Tan, CEO

World’s first AI driven unified shift-left continuous testing platform enabling organizations to achieve agility at enterprise scale.

FREMONT, CA: Broadcom Inc., an infrastructure technology company, has declared the availability of BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform.

This is the world’s first AI-Driven, open source-based unified platform. BlazeMeter is the only platform that can integrate all functionalities that users need to achieve true shift-left continuous testing, deeply integrated out of the box. 

With BlazeMeter, users can easily carry out performance tests on all types of apps, from web to mobile apps. Services provided by BlazeMeter include selenium functional testing, mock services, and 360°API testing. Functional testing uses intuitive UI to create tests in BlazeMeter or reuse the existing open-source scripts as part of the continuous testing strategy. Mock services continue testing all parts of the system and simulate slow service responses and network latency to ensure quality and performance. 360° API testing starts monitoring your public, private, and 3rd party APIs in seconds.

Broadcom has been at the forefront of the wireless revolution and is known for its technical innovation across several wireless disciplines. Broadcom’s connected car solution is growing beyond just GPS to cover broader telemetry possibilities.

Ali Abaye, senior director of marketing for the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom states, "With the availability of Broadcom’s industry-leading secure multilayer switch and Gigabit PHY, automotive manufacturers can now design and build a plethora of Gigabit Ethernet systems to address high-speed secure networking applications.” Broadcom was featured in Autotech Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 10 Connected Car Solution Providers 2019.

This unified platform is a game-changer as it delivers superior value to the customers while saving valuable time and resources. Blazemeter has the capability to save time with setup, maintenance, and adoptions. It strengthens developers with virtual services. All features are available as code. Traditional methodologies cannot keep pace with agile teams but Blazemaster has replaced the legacy tools easily enabling organizations to deliver superior customer experiences.

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