Benefits of Using Dealer Management Software

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The companies are applying Dealer Management Software as it makes them more productive and profitable. 

FREMONT, CA: Over the past decade, companies have partnered with various car dealerships, some running a single site, while other customers have hundreds of dealerships in several states. The use of Dealer Management Software, known as DMS, is one thing that makes each of them successful. CDK (formerly ADP), Reynolds & Reynolds, and Autosoft are the leading DMS players. Companies have planned the implementation of these systems so often. They have created customized tools to speed up Dealer Management Software's deployment and make it more successful in helping them.

The pros of utilizing a Dealer Management Software (DMS):

CRM – A DMS is a great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool specifically designed for the auto industry, regardless of which software they choose. Most CRMs do not work well because selling cars (and repairing them) is vastly different from other sectors. A DMS can seamlessly connect the sales and marketing teams to retrieve a prospective customer who has gone silent by providing a universal contact list with unique, appropriate information that can be easily segmented for a direct mail or email campaign.

Payroll – Several DMS systems also provide payroll in their database, saving time and money in one integrated solution by processing the payroll.

Vehicle Inventory – Knowing what cars are in stock is one of the most significant headaches for any dealership. Tracking the vehicles is crucial and can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity, particularly for larger dealerships with various sites.

Parts inventory – The parts inventory is a critical management factor in saving the part department time, just like the car inventory. Invoices are also generated by many DMS systems seamlessly.

Service management – Many DMS systems allow companies to generate repair orders that automatically add-in components and labor and monitor the service team's productivity. They also arrange appointments, propose preventive maintenance schedules, and can follow up on rejected job and service reminders with clients.

Finance & Insurance – F&I is the driving force for car dealerships, and by streamlining the processes, a successful DMS can increase efficiency. In terms of F&I, most DMS systems are highly configurable to tailor them to the requirements and not push everyone into their methods.

Vehicle Pricing – To compete with online pricing quote services, a DMS gives the sales team the requisite access to consistent pricing quickly and real-time.

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