Automotive Industry Trends Forming 2022

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Several automotive industry trends are influencing its future in 2022 and beyond.  

FREMONT, CA: Trends involve how vehicles are powered, driven, shopped for, and acquired. Also, you must know tactics if you plan to buy a vehicle in 2022. Following are the top trends defining the future of the rapidly changing auto industry and some crucial motor vehicle-related statistics.

Trends Shaping The Auto Industry In 2022

1. Production Of Electric Cars With Digital Technology

Automakers proceed to integrate more digital technology into their vehicles. Technology companies like Google and Tesla also work on electric and self-driving vehicles. Hence, it's clear that vehicles produced in 2022 and beyond with be filled with technology to address digital touchpoints.

There's a savage competition to develop software and digital and electronic operating systems to power and control the new, innovative zero-emission electric vehicles. These new vehicles will be full of digital technology.

2. A Rise In Digital Automobile Sales

Automakers in North America and Europe have begun giving consumers the chance to skip the visit to the car dealership and pick and procure the vehicles they need online. With a computer or smartphone, buyers can purchase at their convenience, explore and choose the features they desire on a vehicle and get the financing they want.

Also, dealerships now provide online sales, let an online buyer employ virtual walk-around technology, support at-home test drives and do home delivery of vehicles they sell. More dealerships will act so in 2022.

3. Increased Sales Of Pre-Owned Vehicles

There is a boom in utilized car sales going on. Car industry experts expect a 9% growth rate in secondhand car sales between 2019 and 2025. The requirement for used automobiles is rising, particularly for vehicles four years old or newer.

These vehicles have many latest automotive technologies but are not as expensive as new ones. This includes pre-owned electric and hybrid automobiles. Dealerships now have inventories abounding certified pre-owned autos that look, feel, and function like new cars but cost much less. Low APR financing also supports pre-owned vehicles in very attractive.

4. More Connected Cars

Connected cars are vehicles affiliated to the Internet of Things using wireless means. These vehicles offer a safe, comfortable, convenient multimedia experience through on-demand features that enable you to do anything you desire on the web while in your vehicle. Connected cars can communicate bidirectionally with various other systems outside their local network.

The vehicles can share internet access and details with devices inside and outside the car. Connected cars now transmit digital data and remote diagnostics, vehicle health reports, data-only telematics, access 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots, get turn-by-turn guidance, warn of car health issues and directly intervene in impending breakdowns.

About a billion customer requests were processed by 2015, and connected car technology will explode on the scene in diverse ways in 2022 through predictive intelligence and maintenance technology.

5. The Emergence Of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

In 2022, the worldwide emergence of fuel cell electric vehicles is poised. More and more people enfold fuel cell electric vehicles because they recharge faster, have up to 5 times the range of other electric vehicles, and only discharge water from their tailpipes.

As a result, many cars, trucks and SUV manufacturers invest in fuel cell electric vehicle development. In addition, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States are backing fuel cell electric auto technology. Hence, 2022 could be the year they breakthrough.

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