Application of Blockchain Technology across Industries

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

Blockchain technology is garnering widespread attention of many companies across industries for its successful implementation of bitcoins cryptocurrency. Many innovators are on an endeavor to use this technology for their applications and processes. Let’s delve deeper to analyze the development of blockchain technology for different sectors: 

Cybersecurity: The rapid digital transformation has resulted in the increase in the frequency of cyber attacks. The ransomware has asdded to the woes of organizations. Companies are increasingly investing in developing efficient blockchain-driven cybersecurity solution to protect against ransomware. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology allows information to be shared with all the devices in the network, enabling system owners to retrieve all the information at the time of cyber attacks.

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Content Streaming: Blockchain provides solutions to store data securely, allowing efficient interoperability. Blockchain platform allows content streaming companies to deploy customizable application programmable interface (API), which enables third-party involvement in the platform.

Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity: IoT technology is the interconnected web of devices which encompasses devices like mobiles, home appliances, sensors, and many others. Blockchain technology can provide a universal system for the devices to function coherently. The technology can also offer data interoperability for the network.

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts offer an exceptional level of transparency and security, helping companies to speed up the transaction process. It has a plethora of practical applications in many industry verticals ranging from finance and real estate to logistics and recruitment. Industries which rely on agreements to operate can significantly benefit from smart contracts as it offers real-time execution and verification of agreements in a secure virtual environment.

Jobs Market: Blockchain enables jobs market to verify the information of a candidate in real-time as the platform can store the records of a job seeker, allowing companies to track the whole career of an individual.

Automation and Privatization: Blockchain technology offers tokenization of valuable physical assets, digitization of process and efficiently coding complex contracts. This helps in improving the efficiencies of digital enterprises and e-commerce platforms. 

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