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A Roadmap to IoT in Vehicles

By Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Connected cars are driving the world toward safer and convenient rides and fueling a multi-billion-dollar data industry.

FREMONT, CA: Today, computer chips and sensors are vital inside everything from washing machines to workout attire. But some industries are being altered by the mass connectivity of objects, or the Internet of Things, like automotive manufacturing. Internet- and cloud-connected cars transmit heaps of data. This data is used to develop safer roadways, predict equipment malfunction, and enhance the in-car entertainment experience. Thanks to IoT-connectivity, a car's software-reliant components can be updated over the air.

Over-the-Air (OTAs) can enhance vehicle performance. OTA software fixes for everything from cell performance to suspension lifts. Improvements to the company's highway autopilot and better recognition of stop signs and traffic lights will comprise a forthcoming round of updates. Automotive IoT advancements will include more specifically related to feature improvements and provided via a pay-as-go subscription model.

Advancing technology means staying on top of new liabilities and implementing fixes with the click of a button rather than managing issues case by case. When a new vulnerability is found, IoT-connected onboard software lets manufacturers immediately distribute a patch that addresses the vulnerability in a matter of minutes. The connectivity will expand much further. Companies have developed cloud-integrated platforms that add to the display of personal environment controls for climate adjustment and seat heating. Industry watchers say that it is only a matter of time before features like infotainment-as-WiFi-hotspot are commonplace.

Besides, cargo sensors monitor a trailer's assets while also controlling and monitoring environment-sensitive cargo temperature. Along with electronic logging device choices, the line also provides low-power-consumption IoT sensors that track motion and temperature. Another great promise of automotive IoT is predictive maintenance. A group of computer chips and sensors placed throughout a car gather performance data processed in the cloud to determine when a part might need maintenance long before it gives up.

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