3 Unbelievable Benefits of Driving a Connected Car

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Everyone desires to drive a connected car that has internet access and enable the devices, both inside and outside the car, to interact with each other. Devices like sensors and on-board computers connect them from inside, and devices outside the car can be part of other houses, cars, and infrastructure. IoT is making these desires under a common man's reach.

The first connected cars had hit the road back in 1996 when General Motors, in association with Motorola Automotive, introduced the telematics system OnStar. This system enabled voice calls only to emergency call centers in case of accidents. The OnStar telematics system had processed 1 billion customer requests by 2015 and gave an impetus to the infrastructure of connected vehicles.

Top 10 Connected Car Solution Companies - 2019Challenging the drawbacks of the automotive industry, connected car solution brings a number of benefits to the table. Let's have a look at them


connected car software makes the driving experience more personalized by making use of the gathered data. The software can generate the most effective routes to wherever one wants to go, avoiding accidents, traffic jams, busy streets, or roads that are under construction, saving tons of travel time. Connected car software solutions can manage all the units at the same time for fleets of vehicles.


With a number of hardware and software solutions provided by IoT in the automotive industry, vehicles can become more autonomous and more aware of the surroundings. For example, the vehicle communicating with the Smart City infrastructure can get real-time info about road conditions, traffic, current weather, and accidents. With this data, a driver can plan his route accordingly. The vehicle can also gather info about the objects on the road around it, including speed bumps, curbs, and other vehicles, making parking and controlling the car much easier.


Though the implementation of IoT infrastructure on the roads and connected vehicles are not cheap, one can still take the benefit from the amount of time and fuel that is saved from minimized traffic jams. Moreover, a profound communications system makes it easier for people to carpool. 

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