3 Tech Trends for the Future of EV Technologies

Auto Tech Outlook | Sunday, January 03, 2021

New EV models is expected to enter the market, consisting of modern trends and taking the world by storm.

FREMONT, CA: According to the forecasts, the electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads have grown by 54 percent in 2017 and will touch 125 million by the end of 2030. Although these figures are impressive, the EV market share is nearly 2 percent of the global auto market. The rapid adoption of EV has been impeded by the consumers’ anxiety over batteries’ reliability, limited autonomous options, and numerous other issues. Thus, highly advanced technologies will be integrated into the EVs to address these issues and entice the consumers.

Here are the most notable trends in EV to watch out for.

Top 10 Electric Vehicles Solution Companies - 2020Battery Technology

Advancements in battery technology have been very slow for many industries, including the EVs. And the progress in its optimization has been so minimal that it looks like lithium-ion will be the go-to solution now for many years to come.

But the slow and steady improvements in cell chemistry, anode and cathode material, higher-yield fabrication process, and economies of scale must help to witness a reduction in cost for every battery by around 6-8 percent every single year.

Charging Technology

One interesting trend to watch out in the EV market will be enhancements in charging tech. This is a needed hump to get over if the EV is ever to receive widescale approval by most consumers. It is not convenient to have to recharge the battery every 2-3 hours and wait for 30 minutes to get back for most people.

To overcome this issue, EV manufacturers will have to step up the availability of fast-charging stations worldwide. Some companies have already made some great strides in this area with their global rollout of supercharging stations. 

Solar-powered cars

Another interesting tech trend to anticipate will move around solar-powered cars. Numerous manufacturers are already working towards making solar cars a reality soon. 

The possibility to get the car’s battery to be charged on the move could be a complete game-changer for the EV market. There are some interesting prototypes currently undergoing testing, and the world could see some of them closer to production. 

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