Spireon Introduces Live Tracking Platform for US Capitol Christmas Tree

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The U.S. Capitol Christmas tree is being tracked in real time as it travels from California's Six Rivers National Forest to Washington, D.C., thanks to Spireon'sFleetlocate Trailer Management Solution.

Fremont, CA: In today's environment, it is frequently vital to obtain current information. It also pertains to automobiles. There are various tools available right now to handle a problem, like real-time vehicle tracking. Moreover, the majority of them can be ascribed to flaws such as significant information-gathering delays, monolithic cities, patentability, restricted scalability, and single-purpose decisions. GPS vehicle tracking is a sophisticated technology that connects to a global positioning system and allows users to locate the desired vehicle. The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree is now being tracked in real time by Spireon. The USDA Forest Service has given a tree from one of the national forests to appear on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol building during the holiday season every year since 1970. The tree may be followed using SpireonsFleetLocate® trailer management solution, owing to a collaboration with the NGO Choose Outdoors.

“We are excited to see the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree off for another remarkable journey across our great country,” statesRoni Taylor, SVP Strategy and Business Development of Spireon. "This time of year generates enthusiasm, a heightened sense of good will, and deep tradition. We are proud to support and celebrate the spirit of the season and the forests that bring us together.”

Spireon's FL Flex 2 telematics device, the next generation of the industry's first modular trailer monitoring solution, was chosen for its diverse functionality and ability to serve a wide range of assets. Spireon is the only company that can efficiently handle and track any type of trailer, from dry vans and refrigerated trailers to the customized flatbed required to transport enormous items such as the United States Capitol Christmas Tree. Spireon allows local communities along the tree's whistle stop path to line the streets and greet it as it goes through by live tracking the tree's progress via GPS.

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