EVolution Group: Steering Zero-Emission With Their EV Resources

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Andrew John, National Account Manager, EVolution GroupAndrew John, National Account Manager
EVolution is a team of electric vehicle charging advocates, innovators and infrastructure specialists, who are promoting the shift to zero-emission transport in New Zealand and Australia. Known as the Electric Car Café, Evolution specializes in three areas namely, electric vehicle charging, electric vehicle conversions, and electric vehicle servicing. Ruling the market since 2015, the firm takes expertise in providing cost-effective and time-effective portable wall or floor mounted DC and AC charging for both commercial sites and homes. As one of the best-in-class EV charging brands in the Australian marketplace, it facilitates conversions of ICE classic vehicles to silent, smooth electric vehicles. The areas where the brand excels are dash conversion from Japanese to English, pre-purchase inspections and servicing for imported electronic vehicles. EVolution has a carved a niche for itself for offering electric vehicle charging units that are easy to use.

“We believe in low-emission transport for a better future,” states Russ Shepherd, Founder of EVolution. For outshining the competitors and fulfilling the customer needs, the brand has come up with intelligent, safe and easy car chargers according to the types of electric car driven by the customers. The EVup network is dedicated to deliver commercial EV charging depending on purpose, business and location.
In 2019, the brand formed a skilled and experienced conversion team for building bespoke from classic vehicles. Currently, the brand has expanded its workshop for servicing and repairing of electric cars by an expert engineering and mechanical team. The business decisions of the brand are steered by a strong zeal of promoting low-emission and sustainable transport, to drive innovation and local jobs and also to live with purpose. While the core business of the brand deals with EV charging, Russ Shepherd and the team are dedicated to the corporate social responsibility to the global, national, and local community. The brand believes that planet-first initiatives and sustainable business practices are priorities for achieving cleaner cities coupled with brighter future.

Renowned for delivering best-in-class services, EVolution has proven itself to be an expert in regard to EV charger, EVSE, J1772, EV cable, wall chargers, and portable chargers. EVolution is also a one-stop electric vehicle conversion centre—it replaces the combustion engine of specialist, fleet and private vehicles with electric motor and batteries for turning them into all-electric vehicles. For facilitating low-emission transport in the hope of a better future, it recycles all the products, via a social enterprise partnership, along with providing friendly local support for new drivers. The cables and adapters of this safety and innovation-compliant Australian-owned brand range from Type 2 to Type 2 Mennekes Charging Cable 7kw to Type 2 to Type 2 Mennekes charging cable 22kw, Type 2 Public Charging Bundle, Type 2 to Type 15m Public Charging Cable 32 Amp for Mitsubishi and Nissan, to name a few.
  • We Believe In Low-Emission Transport For A Better Future

The 24/7 support services of the brand offering hassle free customer service along with a smart network software, motivates customers to avail its professional hardware services based on their needs. On a journey of encouraging the electrification of transportation, the brand is keen on coming up with smarter EV charging solutions and infrastructure. It also aspires to offer mission-critical solutions to the energy marketplace. EVolution has turned out to be the most sought-after EV charger accessory supplier in the market by empowering the customer base to participate in the EV evolution
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EVolution Group

Australia, New Zealand

Andrew John, National Account Manager

EVolution has proven itself to be an expert in regard to EV charger, EVSE, J1772, EV cable, wall chargers, and portable chargers

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