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Joseph Kwong, Founder and CEO, EVEN RechargeJoseph Kwong, Founder and CEO
The world has about 53.3 years of fossil fuel left if its usage is left unchecked at its current rate. Hence, a more environment friendly solution is needed more than ever for the future of motorized mobility. Electric vehicles (EVs) have already emerged as a promising alternative to internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), but their widespread adoption is still a distant future.

There are a couple of reasons for it. One of the major barriers arises from the present EV battery recharging infrastructure. Apart from the shortage of EV charging spots and batteries that take longer to recharge, there is a core challenge that the EV industry has often overlooked. Most charging hubs, if not all, are still powered by the grid, which necessarily means that the EV industry is not entirely free of fossil fuel dependence. EVEN Recharge is tactfully solving this predicament by bringing a completely off grid, mobile EV charging hub.

Their plug-and-play, solar-powered, and scalable EV charging centers are customer-focused, providing an inviting, comfortable, and productive place to recharge EVs. The hubs are well suited for any residential or commercial neighborhood, and its EV charging products power-packed and aesthetic at the same time while meeting all necessary product safety standards.

EVEN Recharge’s charging hubs are also economically feasible. While most EV charging spots are standalone equipment erected at home or parking lots, EVEN Recharge’s EV charging hub resembles a gas station with added benefits of an automatic convenience store, café lounges, and on-site advertisement opportunities.
This not only makes the spot more relaxing for EV owners waiting for their EVs to be charged, but it also makes room for additional revenue streams for the charging station owner and nearby local businesses.

More importantly, the charging hubs can be up-and-running faster and at lower capital expenditure, since their installation does not require working with utilities. “Our easily scalable EV charging centers are designed keeping the rural communities in mind. The availability of charging infrastructure presents an equity challenge; rural communities and a greater share of the population that do not reside in single-family homes cannot install EV chargers separately.

Our mobile hub solves such problems by installing and making EV charging stations easily accessible in their neighborhoods,” says Joseph Kwong, founder and CEO of EVEN Recharge. Driven by this motivation, EVEN Recharge will deploy four EV charging units to Bakersfield College, located in Kern County, California. Apart from serving as the local EV recharging center, EVEN recharge’s solution will also be used as a teaching tool by the automotive department of the college to understand how the charger’s solar panel or battery works.
  • While most EV charging spots are standalone equipment erected at home or parking lots, EVEN Recharge’s EV charging hub resembles a gas station with added benefits of an automatic convenience store, café lounges, and on-site advertisement opportunities

Bakersfield College has been developing curriculum and opening courses to train and upskill cutting-edge and skilled technicians as the prevalence of EVs rise throughout California and the nation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is estimated that by 2040, 58 percent of all passenger vehicle sales are projected to be electric.

At the same time, Bakersfield College is also partnering with industry equipment manufacturers and local organizations to ensure students in their growing automotive program will have the tools and resources they need for a hands-on learning experience. Furthermore, the college also looks forward to tapping into the other associated benefits of the charging hubs, such as automated retail stores and ad displays.

Behind the scenes of such user friendly solutions is EVEN Recharge’s team of experts that prioritizes teamwork, responsibility, and innovation. Its multi-faceted team has extensive engineering, EV, electronic payments, and fuel technology experience. Their combined expertise and experience are forging a new era in the EV charging domain, one that is led by reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customizability.

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EVEN Recharge

Fremont, CA

Joseph Kwong, Founder and CEO

EVEN Recharge is the first environmentally and financially sustainable mobile off-grid EV charging infrastructure hub, enabling charging infrastructure available for everyone.

EVEN Recharge

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