Generate Instant Value With SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS)

Generate Value from your SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS) through product demonstrations, proof-of-concepts,...Read Whitepaper

Five IT Engineering Challenges with Scaling Enterprise Security Workflows and How to Solve Them
Avere Systems

Every organization’s primary challenge is to avoid bottlenecks to and from storage as the infrastructure scale to...Read Whitepaper

Redefining the Concept of Connected Factory for Manufacturing Companies
Trigent Software

Across the globe, the manufacturing industry has established agencies to regulate their own market. Today, manufacturers...Read Whitepaper

Improved Customer Service Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

Great customer service is the essence of any business, it is essential not only to sustaining your business, but to growing...Read Whitepaper

Regional Carriers:A Sound Shipping Strategy to Control Transportation Costs

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits that can be realized by adding regional carriers to your portfolio including...Read Whitepaper

The Secrets of Automotive Content Marketing

The Secrets of Automotive Content Marketing:This whitepaper has combined consumer research and opinion of automotive industry...Read Whitepaper

Road Signs and Detours in Today’s Automotive Aftermarket
Iptor Supply Chain Systems

The automotive aftermarket is embracing technology like never before, be it out of forward thinking, necessity or both....Read Whitepaper


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