Building a data-driven mobility eco-system

Mario Schraepen, Founder, LinkedCarMario Schraepen, Founder,LinkedCar
Have you ever wondered what happens to your car’s data? Who owns that data and how can it be made visible to the driver, so that he can ultimately make money from it…

Your e-bike or car already generates a lot of data, but as the owner you have no insight into this data and it’s not being used to its full potential. LinkedCar’s Connected Mobility Platform wants the driver to be in charge of their data so it can be used as a connector for any partner involved in mobility, from salespeople and lease managers to insurers and road side assistance.

Why? If data is the new gold why not make it profitable for everyone? Also for the person who generates the data: the driver. Our data offers endless possibilities; the car’s error-codes and localization can be useful for road-side assistance while the driving behavior is useful for insurance companies. Predictive maintenance can reduce the burden on the driver while creating loyalty to dealers. It’s a win-win for everyone!
LinkedCar’s unique platform brings everyone in the mobility sector closer to the customer. How do we do this? First, we make the vehicle (car or e-bike) connected with our AI patented blackbox. This state-of-the art IoT device captures real-time information that our algorithm decodes. This algorithm is unique in the world and is being developed together with Karel de Grote Hogeschool (a famous academic and research institution in Belgium). These gigabytes of data are stored in one big centralized database. Next, this data is enriched and visualized in a user-friendly mobile app for the driver. This easy-to-use app can collect data of up to 5 different vehicles, regardless of brand, and allows the driver to choose which specific data to share and with whom (insurer, dealer, emergency assistance etc)

Finally, our Salesforce based system for the mobility ecosystem provides insight into the person behind the wheel, to ensure a personalized communication flow that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. From mass personalized marketing campaigns or individual push notifications to emergency calls. The first thing our platform will enable for these businesses is efficiency by providing a consolidated view of different data-sources – the famous 360° view of every customer !

The LinkedCar team believes that every driver should have full control over their vehicle data. The solution places the driver at the center of the mobility ecosystem to allow all other partners to connect not only with the vehicle but also with the driver controlling it. It provides the customer, dealer, insurer, and every other ecosystem partner access to a wide range of data, while the driver stays in control.

Our vision is to build a data-driven mobility ecosystem where all drivers can access and control their own data, enabling drivers to monetize their data. Our platform unites data from dealers, manufacturers, insurers, fleets, and even live data from connected vehicles. With our driver-first mentality we focus on cars and e-bikes today, but you never know what we can connect tomorrow. A pedelec? A boat ? A motorcycle?
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