Managing in Uncertain Times

Patrick Wyer, President, AutodealsPatrick Wyer, President,Autodeals
Managing in Uncertain Times

While your competitors are standing around the television wringing their hands from the drama unfolding in Europe, wise managers will be looking ahead to the next chapter of competition. You’ve made it through COVID at this point so you have figured out how to reach customers via the social media experiment. We have turned the corner only to see the most immediate future appearing to be rising costs, and new uncertainties.

This is the time it is good to have a little gray hair to have weathered previous conflicts and market challenges, and to understand the best time to improve your business operations is now. So what are the things we could accomplish that will reduce the impact of rising costs and increasing business risk? It turns out modernizing your business operations can dramatically reduce your work, improve your profits, reduce your costs and bring clarity to your business direction.

Most small and mid-size regional auto dealers are already plagued with old business systems that are not designed to meet the escalating demands of today’s customers or able to keep pace with growing competition from larger dealerships. These outdated systems are not easy to access, have limited (or no) mobility, and require constant updates. These antiquated systems are poorly integrated and lack the information and business processes necessary for management oversight, and risk protection. These systems perform poorly for one location, and forget about them for managing multi-location or multi-line of business (LOB) operations.

Building on 10 Years of Success

Autodeals has been serving small and mid-size auto dealers since 2010.

Autodeals’ cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) streamlines and integrates all aspects of dealership operations from sales to support, and securely connects to industry and networking partners. Dealers can perform critical sales, financing and service functions faster and easier so they can run and scale their businesses more profitably.

In our 2022 release, Autodeals has continued to advance our digital retailing and transaction accounting features with our lifecycle of management software capabilities. Our latest software combined with our core dealer management gives your business a foundation in fifty states.
Integrated CRM with Automated Messaging Helper

Digital retailing has become a key component of larger dealerships. They are out-competing other dealerships by meeting customers at their point of interest, and establishing credibility with customers at their point of reference such as their mobile phone or electronic device. Autodeals will take your business two steps past them by adding the ability to negotiate with your customers where they are comfortable, and to electronically process your customer contracts, risk management documents and state motor vehicles documents where ever your customer is located. With Autodeals, it is as easy to use digital signatures or send documents to Lenders as it is to print out documents at your desk.

Since our customer relationship management (CRM) is fully integrated with Autodeals, you will not be moving data between systems to get the job done. Your customer communications, messaging, documents and contracts are all part of the lifecycle business processes within our software.

Industry Specific Transaction Accounting by Location or Line of Business

Autodeals offers Dealers an integrated Accounting system with our dealer management software. The software eliminates the errors common in synchronizations to other Accounting systems and greatly simplifies the start-up integration time. Autodeals accounting can automatically perform 53% of your accounting transactions to improve your financial management and reduce the labor required for managing your business. With the cloud based architecture, your team can access your system securely and better support your business.

Multi-location P&Ls or Multiple lines of business can be tracked and updated continuously. Owners and Executives can monitor business operations continuously. The books will always be updated, without waiting for end of month reports or manually completed spreadsheets. Visibility to your business is paramount for managing labor, controlling costs, and improving operations.

Why is the Cloud superior to legacy software deployment?

In every category, our software architecture in the cloud is superior to legacy solutions. Whether we are comparing the functionality, mobility, cost, speed, reliability, provisioning, patching, maintenance, business continuity, agility or future growth, in every case we can demonstrate how and why our cloud solution will outperform legacy software.

Autodeals is designed to work on any Windows, Apple, Linux, Android and IPHONE devices. You don’t have to worry about servers, databases, backups, storage, memory, theft, fire, flood, or hardware failure. All you need is a Google chrome or Apple Safari browser with an internet connection. Your team can begin to use the software within minutes.

Customer Case Study

A recent customer of Autodeals had been using a legacy premise based software since early 2000 for their independent dealership. They had grown into multiple lines of business with equipment sales, significant whole sale operations, a large service center and multiple retail auto locations. The dealerships legacy software was performing terribly with duplicate software at each location, no roll-up or consolidation, and running slower and slower with each passing day.

Autodeals was able to onboard them immediately, convert over 10 years of historical data, and fully convert their business operations in under 60 days. Now all lines of business and multiple locations have real time accounting books with profit and loss, and balance sheets by line of business and location to the day. Their CRM, Sales, financing, and service center operations are running via best in class business processes, and all locations are running consistently with visibility at all times to senior management.
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