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Masaru Taneda, Manager, Semiconductor & Device sales & Marketing Dept.2,  Koshida CorporationMasaru Taneda, Manager, Semiconductor & Device sales & Marketing Dept.2, Koshida Corporation
Nobody can predict the disaster.

There is no end in sight to the COVID-19 disaster, and the world is in chaos. This time last year, no one could have predicted that the whole world would be in such a situation.

Under such circumstances, the semiconductor market is recovering clearly, and according to the global semiconductor trade statistics, the size of the semiconductor market in 2021 is projected to be the largest we have ever had.

The reason for the rapid recovery of the semiconductor market and the expansion of demand is that the spread of the 5G high-speed communication standard and the recovery of the automotive industry are providing a tailwind.

Featured technologies in the automotive industry are 5th generation mobile communications (5G), sensors such as radar, camera, LiDAR ,ultrasonic and so on.
Furthermore, especially in Japan, a ban on the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles was decided in 2030, and all new vehicles were obliged to use electric vehicles. Similarly, the ban on the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles has become a trend in various countries around the world. From this, it is expected that the automobile industry will recover rapidly, that is, the demand for electric vehicles and the number of vehicles sold will increase rapidly, and the demand for semiconductors (especially the power semiconductors we handle now) will grow significantly. In addition to the above, as a new material, each semiconductor manufacturer is focusing on the development of power elements for wide-gap semiconductors (SiC, GaN), and is expected to greatly improve performance (improvement of loss).

However, wide-gap semiconductors have the problem of being much more expensive than Si semiconductors. Semiconductor manufacturers are focusing on improving costs as well as improving performance. 

By adopting this wide-gap semiconductor, it leads to a dramatic improvement in mileage, which is one of the problems of current electric vehicles, and of course, automobile manufacturers are actively adopting it. We believe that this is also supporting the rapid recovery and the expansion of semiconductor demand. At the same time as the semiconductor market recovers, an uneasy factor is the lack of global supply of "silicon wafers," which are the foundation of semiconductor devices.

Due to the wide spread of coronavirus infection, the market structure has been fluctuated, the conventional product demand forecast has changed significantly, and the demand fluctuation by wafer size has also changed significantly. Since 2021, more "silicon wafers" we anticipate a shortage. 

Koshida corporation are planning to propose device products related to the automobile business such as power devices and sensors, making use of our 90 years of experience in the automobile industry. Proposal of new technology products to automobile manufacturers such as wide-gap semiconductors mentioned above, support for sample development, and stable supply support utilizing dynamic management know-how such as inventory planning for improving production efficiency, we believe that the various issues can be solved.
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