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Top Transportation Tech Companies

Year after year, motor shows across the globe witnessed a multitude of auto companies unveiling futuristic technologies for improved car safety, entertainment, and in-vehicle experience. This year, the discussion narrowed down to driverless cars, electric vehicles, and environmental regulations. The orchestration of advanced technologies such as machine learning, robotics, IoT, and big data is transforming the automotive industry by storm, creating a new generation of automobiles with self-driving and thinking capabilities.

The profound impact of technology innovation that starts from the manufacturing floor today extends to areas including purchase and maintenance of vehicles. The purchasing experience is taken to the next level through websites and apps with virtual reality capabilities that will provide a 360-degree peek inside and outside of the vehicles. On the maintenance front, technologies such as telematics and predictive analysis are playing a significant role by alerting drivers about proactive vehicle servicing. Fleet operators, on the other hand, are extensively utilizing IoT and sensors technologies to monitor and track vehicles, ensuring vehicle safety and fuel optimization.

Going forward, the overarching idea is to make these features more readily available to the players in a less competitive price point. Also, while these thriving technologies are redefining the industry, they are prone to creating security gaps that can lead to data breaches. Companies should focus on embedding tight security measures that will allow the industry participants to remain focused on the digital revolution.

In this scenario, our goal with this special edition is to highlight innovative automotive technology solution providers who are the vanguard of the digital revolution in the automotive industry.

    Top Transportation Tech Companies

  • Offers an end-to-end business process automation platform with integrated workflow for auto finance companies


  • Uses advanced technology concepts to provide reliable, energy-efficient and secure connected cars solutions


  • Provider of high-value automotive engineering development and testing services for digitalization, driver assistance systems, and electro mobility


  • Our customers get the latest in technology as well as the 35 years of expertise built into it, which is quite unique


  • CloudCar provides a powerful platform for building next-generation connected vehicle experiences


  • The Drako DriveOS drive operating system consolidates multiple hardware functions into a set of secure software applications for unsurpassed driving performance and safety


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