Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Everything In The Next Decade-Right?

Top Transportation Tech Companies

The modern day automotive industry is home to technology innovation. Being at the intersection of technology and automobile, the industry today is focused on redefining the in-car experiences through greater connectivity and ease of communication. Enabled with a myriad digital interfaces inside the car ecosystem, the automotive is slowly morphing into a digital machine that can think and act on its own.

Relentless innovations coupled with the power of internet in the area of infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and vehicle safety are allowing car customers to build greater customer service and new business models. As disparate digital systems in the vehicle give it a unique identity, car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers can leverage these identities to deliver unique experiences personalized to the user. From remote assistance for finding the nearest dealership to communicating with the insurance companies to strike a deal, the advanced telematics implemented within today’s automotive is allowing manufacturers to enhance digital engagement and create new channels to monetize the interactions.

All these movements are underpinned by the rise of IoT in the automotive space, which enables companies to deliver new experiences facilitated by the digital relationships established both within and outside the car environment. The burgeoning automotive IoT ecosystem can however inadvertently open backdoors to cyber attackers. To this end, companies are leveraging technology partnerships for securing user information, vehicle data, and systems.

At this juncture, Autotech Outlook assesses technology companies who are leading the automotive innovation through their strong partnerships with the car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, enabling them to lead the change.

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Top Transportation Tech Companies

Offers a simple and efficient platform for consumers to connect to dealerships and get fast, free and anonymous quotes on new and used cars

Enabling developers with ultimate control over the throttle, brake, steer, and shift by-wire controller modules

Provides mobile-friendly and web-based dealership and enterprise management reporting solution to automotive dealerships

DeepMap is focused on high-definition (HD) mapping and localization for autonomous vehicles, including cars, taxis, and shuttles

Swift Navigation provides centimeter-accurate GNSS positioning technology for autonomous vehicles, drones, precision agriculture, robotics and more

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