Revamping the Automotive Landscape with Technology

Accelerating Digital Automotive

The stage is set for the advanced technologies to redraw the contours of the automotive industry. Today’s vehicles are no longer just the four-wheeled mode of transportation but are connected computing systems driven by leading-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Innovations are rampant in the area of driverless vehicles— the intent being to make fully automated driving systems part of the everyday life of each individual on the planet.

The modern-day automotive technologies are permeating into other areas such as sales and post-sales maintenance of vehicles. Websites and apps supported by virtual reality are taking the purchasing experience to the next level, providing consumers a panoramic view of the vehicle. Technologies such as telematics and predictive analytics allow drivers to make proactive decisions for vehicle servicing. Fleet operators, on the other hand, are extensively utilizing IoT and sensors technologies to monitor and track vehicles, ensuring better driver performance, vehicle safety, and fuel optimization.

While thriving technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence are redefining the industry, security concerns are at an all-time high. The security gaps existing in the modern digital-driven automobile can lead to data breaches. The solution providers are earnestly implementing tight security measures, allowing the industry participants to remain focused on the digital revolution.

In this new era of new age technologies, we highlight the innovative automotive technology solution providers who are at the vanguard of accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

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    Top Companies

  • Provides integrated and modular software solutions for F&I administration and extended warranty management

  • Pi Square Technologies, your Synergy partner of Excellence for innovative product development in Automotive industry

  • Quality management and test services specialists with deep experience in testing and ensuring a quality end user experience in the automotive industry

  • Provides VNC Mobile, Enhanced and Telematics delivering seamless mobile-vehicle-cloud communication

  • Provides a single-stop-solution for OEMs to design creative UI and UX through their flagship software GL Studio

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