Role of Innovative Technology Taking Center Stage in World-Class Manufacturing Companies

A Connected Automotive Era

VROOM! You see a car speed past you and guess who is driving the car, no one. It might all seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the fact is that such vehicles could soon be a reality. Experts opine that these fully automated vehicles would be available in the market by 2020 with the rate at which the automotive industry is progressing. This can be seen from the development of semi-autonomous cars which have begun to take the market by storm. What these semi-autonomous vehicles do is that they leverage two existing technologies—traffic-adaptive cruise control and a lane-keeping system—and come up with an effective way that would enable these vehicles to drive by themselves. The traffic-adaptive cruise control is responsible for the proper function of the acceleration and braking systems while the lane-keeping system ensures that the vehicle stays in the center of the lane.

While talking about these systems that are designed to make driving safer and more efficient with autonomy, it is almost impossible to forget the development of driver override systems. Most vehicles that are available today have incorporated within them technologies that would apply brakes themselves even if the driver forgets to do so. The new driver override systems come with capabilities that would enable the car to apply brakes even if the driver has the gas pedal floored.

With countries looking to make their roads safer, advanced technologies give vehicles the innate capabilities to ensure that nothing goes wrong even if the driver makes a mistake. Vehicles that leverage advanced technologies could make future roads safer not just for passengers but even for pedestrians as well.

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Top Companies

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