Prerequisite of Big Data in Self-driving Cars
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A self-driving car (autonomous car) has been a popular part of social imagining for decades. While much of uncompleted conversations surrounding self-driving cars are centred on moral dilemmas like the ways to respond in the event of a crash. The...

Cybersecurity A Key Challenge for the Automotive Industry
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The fundamental challenge of cybersecurity is not new. They have existed as long as computers have been used in sensitive applications in various industries. Industries face these issues following their level of dependency on computer technology...

Customer 360: Innovative Collaboration through Technology
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Zack Hicks, North American CIO and Group VP, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: “Visit us online to take our survey!” Or, in the social media world, “follow us on twitter!” “Like us on Facebook.” Visit us. Follow us. Like us. But it’s...

Five Key Steps to Building a Successful Strategy for the Industrial Internet of Things
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Peter Zornio, Chief Technology Officer, Emerson Automation Solutions

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is buzz worthy for its sheer potential to optimize operations and enhance profitability, but too many manufacturers are struggling to develop business plans for Industrial IoT and other digitization...

Predicting Your Next Car Purchase
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Joe LaFeir, SVP, IS&S (Information Systems & Solutions), IHS Automotive

Last year I recall a friend of mine saying it's crazy that it seems like every other house in his neighborhood had a Chevrolet Corvette in their garage. My friend is a 45-year-old professional living in suburban Detroit. He is married with two...

Carmax, the Automobile Business with IT at the Core
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Shamim Mohammad, SVP & CIO, CarMax

I am the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CarMax. I also consider my role to be the Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Integration Officer and Chief Idea Officer. I’m excited to be at CarMax as it is truly a...

DEEPMAP: Accelerating Safe Autonomy
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Mark Wheeler, Co-Founder & CTO

DeepMap is focused on high-definition (HD) mapping and localization for autonomous vehicles, including cars, taxis, and shuttles

BFFT: The German Automotive Digitalization Specialist
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Markus Fichtner, CEO

Provider of high-value automotive engineering development and testing services for digitalization, driver assistance systems, and electro mobility
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