How Data Landscape can leverage the Auto dealers
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Big data and data analytics has become the new power source for the auto industry, which will lead the sector to gain profit in business. FREMONT, CA: Earlier, the concepts of the internet of things, automation, or connected devices were only...

Internet of Everything Creates New Opportunities for Auto Manufacturers
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Dan Wiggins, Senior Director, Automotive and Manufacturing Cisco Global Enterprise Theatre

Many analysts agree the Internet is facing its next revolution where people, machines, data, and processes are becoming more connected and creating new opportunities. This trend is called the Internet of Everything and is estimated to drive $14.4...

Data Analytics for Connected Cars
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Hillol Kargupta, President, Agnik

Modern cars have thousands of sensors Modern cars have thousands of sensors for monitoring and controlling different sub-systems. Moreover, cars have context such as location, performance history, and financial history. As cars get connected over...

SmartCo Services: Redefining Parts Inventory Management With the Power of Data
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Bryan Klugh, Chairman and CEO, Phil Lustbader, Vice-Chairman and Scott Jones, President

Established in 2005, the company currently provides replacement parts-and-accessories inventory planning and management services as well as dealership consulting, performance reports and workshop training programs. These services are provided...
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