The 'New Style of IT' Decides the Race for the Connected Car
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Joachim Klink, Director, Automotive Industry Architect & PLM/MES Offering Manager, HP Enterprise Services

Enabling the “digital drivestyle” through connected vehicle services is one of the key transformation areas in the automotive industry. Beyond subscription fees, OEMs can benefit from an increase of competitive differentiation and...

The Evolving Cyberthreat Landscape
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Cybersecurity is again being tested as cyber threats are evolving. The threat actors have started leveraging intelligent technologies to outwit a company’s cybersecurity solution and rob them of their data. Organizations need to track and...

Cybersecurity Teams can Interpret Data with AI Tools
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Hacking has reached a new level today. Many define cybersecurity as a cat-and-mouse game on a regular basis. Hackers and cybercriminals have always been one or two steps ahead of law enforcement as the latter continually pursue the ever-advancing...

The Evolving Role of IT for Value Added Solutions
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Aaron Weis, VP & CIO, Axalta Coating Systems

Opting for a Business Enabling Mindset We have to move beyond delivering tech­nology and instead move to delivering competitive differentiation for our busi­ness. Our coatings business is not only about providing the best paint possible...

BPM in Manufacturing - A Gap Analysis
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Patrick Weber, Owner and Principal Consultant, Integrated Automation Consulting

Business Process Management (BPM) is a natural fit in manufacturing, yet many organizations remain unaware of the benefits BPM technology can provide. Three forces will drive the adoption of BPM in manufacturing: the lack of skilled workers will...

Carmax, the Automobile Business with IT at the Core
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Shamim Mohammad, SVP & CIO, CarMax

I am the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CarMax. I also consider my role to be the Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Integration Officer and Chief Idea Officer. I’m excited to be at CarMax as it is truly a...
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