Top 5 Ways Edge Tech is Renovating Travel and Transportation
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Edge technologies like artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are transforming travel and transportation industry by enhancing shipment process and customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Changing weather affects travel and transportation...

The Future of Transportation: It's not as Far off as You Think
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Steve Griffith, Industry Director, PMP, National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Everything about how we move from Point A to Point B in safe, cyber-secure, and efficient ways is changing. The industry is abuzz about a future transportation landscape that is increasingly connected, electrified, shared, and ultimately...

Coupling Predictive Demand Planning with CRM for Improved Visibility
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Aaron Weiss, VP and CIO, Axalta

The Right Combination with Cloud Computing for Easy Decision- Making As we continue to examine our role in the automotive industry, we evaluate customer needs and consider how to connect more closely to them. Cloud computing can play a critical...

Guide for OEMS: How to Adapt to Dramatic Changes in the Autotech Industry
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Ganesh V. Iyer Managing Director & Global CIO, NIO

As the consumer need is going through a transition, enterprises are seeking for a rapid transition in their selling and servicing processes by leveraging mobile technologies. In an interview with Auto tech Outlook, Ganesh V. Iyer, Managing...

Ways to Protect Automobile From A Cybersecurity Attack
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Autonomous vehicles have become a part of day-to-day life, so it is mandatory for the vehicle providers to facilitate secure environment for the customers. FREMONT, CA: Most new vehicles are presently part of the Internet of Things (IoT)...

How CIOs Can Utilize Predictive Analytics For The Connected Car Industry
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Predictive analytics is evolving into a strong mechanism for the automotive industry to solve a vibrant array of problems. FREMONT, CA: Predictive maintenance in the automotive industry enables to evolve of the traditional market ecosystem...

Why CIOs Can't Ignore TaaS and Autonomous Car
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CIOs should start thinking to leverage TaaS and autonomous vehicles in the transport sector, which will lead to an innovative way of working. FREMONT, CA: In the present century, transformative transportation technologies are changing...

AI is watering the roots of the Automotive Manufacturing Industries
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Artificial intelligence and HPC system have the potential to transform the automotive industries by researching and redesigning the process. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to a new future of value for the automotive...

How Automotive IoT Solutions Streamline Car Rental Business?
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IoT enabled cars to have a lot to offer to the customers ranging from improved control over vehicle status, enhanced security features for alarms and lost car keys, to driving ability and vehicle safety. FREMONT, CA: Through the internet of...

The Aspects of IoT that Ridesharing Companies Should Know About
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FREMONT, CA: The ridesharing industry in recent years has gained a great deal of popularity. Today, millennials prefer to travel by shared transportation services like Uber rather than self-driving vehicles. The offered convenience with an...

The Impact of IoT in the Automotive Industry
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FREMONT, CA –The internet has evolved from connecting people to connecting devices, creating ecosystems which facilitate the coexistence of the digital and physical world. The internet of things (IoT) has transformed the connected...

The Implementation of Edge Technology in Travel and Transportation
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FREMONT, CA: Travel and transportation agencies are always required to stay alert for one emergency or other. It can be the blizzards hindering the movement of delivery trucks, or it can be the change in the traveling schedule of passengers. Thus,...

Is IoT Messaging remodeling Connected Cars?
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FREMONT, CA: As technological progression empowering the idea of a connection-centric ecosystem, the industries start to construct a communicative framework to cope up with the change. With the introduction of the internet of things (IoT), the...

Cybersecurity in Supply Chain
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FREMONT, CA – The prime factors hindering the effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures in an organization can be traced to the supply chain partners. Since the organizations find it challenging to ensure efficient security measures in the...

Karamba Security's Autonomous Cybersecurity Technology Ready for Expansion
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FREMONT, CA: Connected smart devices have become the mainstream of technology front in the past years. The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) which later followed this trend has become a tool for data gathering and information...

How Far is AI going in the Transportation Industry?
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FREMONT, CA: With the advent of industrial metamorphosis, the automotive industry has seen a remarkable transformation in appreciation to artificial intelligence (AI). The integration of AI and machine learning in the automobile industry has...

Electric Utilities Start Joining the Club of Digital Businesses
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Dr Dirk E Mahling, VP, Technology, Alliant Energy

The electric power grid is the largest machine mankind has conceived and built to date. Worldwide, it delivers $400 billion of electricity every year to homes and businesses via 7 million miles of power lines. This fact may come as a surprise to...

Building a Smart City in San Jose
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Shireen Santosham, Chief Innovation Officer, Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo, San José, CA

There are numerous definitions of what it means to be a smart city but, for me, a smart city is about building “technology for the people.” As the Chief Innovation Officer for Mayor Sam Liccardo in San José, California, the...

Thirdwayv's AppAuth Cybersecurity Software for Mission-Critical IoT Systems
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FREMONT, CA: Thirdwayv announced the addition of AppAuth software to its list of patented products that offer layers of security-by-design protection in numerous mission-critical internet of things (IoT) applications. Thirdwavy is the leading...

Automation and IoT in Democracy
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FREMONT, CA – The rapid advances in technology have given rise to tools potent enough to strengthen or thwart democracy. Even today, the internet of things (IoT) and automation is leveraged to undermine democratic processes by manipulating...
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