Four Must-Have Skills for Supply Chain Analytics
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Felipe Molino, Director of Supply Chain Solutions Engineering,NFI

As leaders, we are met with very high expectations of our stakeholders. As much as we would like to be able to do everything, it is unusual to have the bandwidth required to work on all of our initiatives simultaneously. Therefore, we rely on our...

What's Needed to Bring More Digital Retailing Solutions to Life
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Jennifer “Jenn” Reid, Vice President – Automotive Marketing & Strategy Lead – U.S. Information Solutions (USIS), Equifax

In a recent survey of more than 100 auto dealer professionals, approximately one out of every four respondents indicated they make a complete digital retailing offering available online to customers and shoppers before they ever step into the...

Here Is Why DMS Software Is a Game-Changer in Tire Industry
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The dealership management system facilitates multifold benefits to tire manufacturers and dealers by aiding them in the complete supply chain cycle.  FREMONT, CA: The Tire industry is the present one of the leading ventures everywhere...

Here is Gartner's CIO Plan for Automotive Digital Change
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Automotive industry is gaining their value from the IT department either through software that aids in development and manufacturing or through systems that enable new business models. FREMONT, CA: The automotive space is customarily synonymous...

Independent And Franchise Car Dealers Differs On The Market Conditions
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Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index (CADSI) Q3 2019 survey was conducted in the U.S to find how car dealers view the current market. FREMONT, CA: The auto industry continues to attract millions of entrepreneurs and dealers who want to start a...

Here Is How CIOs Can Enhance Car Accessories Sales In Five Steps
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The introduction of advanced technologies has changed the buying and selling method in the auto industry, so dealers have to adopt creative ways to boost sales. FREMONT, CA: The dealers of the auto industry are facing several challenges to sell...

How Data Landscape can leverage the Auto dealers
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Big data and data analytics has become the new power source for the auto industry, which will lead the sector to gain profit in business. FREMONT, CA: Earlier, the concepts of the internet of things, automation, or connected devices were only...

AI is watering the roots of the Automotive Manufacturing Industries
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Artificial intelligence and HPC system have the potential to transform the automotive industries by researching and redesigning the process. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to a new future of value for the automotive...

Group 1 Automotive announced the expansion of $1.8 to $2.1 billion Revolving Credit Facility
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Extension to $2.1 billion Revolving Credit facility will be strengthening Group 1 Automotive’s balance sheet with trustful lenders. FREMONT, CA: Houston-based Group 1 Automotive, one of the largest automotive dealership and franchise...

Connected Cars: The Future of the Automotive Industry is Here and Now
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Don Gottwald, Chief Strategy Officer & President of Digital Data, & Mobility Solutions, KAR Auction Services, Inc.

Since the development of the first automobile at the turn of the twentieth century, people have had big dreams for this revolutionary method of transportation. Ideas spawned from the elaborate to the unattainable— with a generous dose of...

Is it Possible for Autonomous Vehicles to Achieve Near-Human Reasoning?
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When the consumer trust is fast declining in autonomous vehicles, there is a need for safe and robust control systems which can ensure seamless navigation in unfamiliar routes. FREMONT, CA: In the face of the multitude of accidents...

Getting the Most out of Tax Codes
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A sweeping change has been seen impacting businesses, especially auto dealer owners, where everything, starting from tax strategy to succession planning and inventory management have just undergone a transformation. FREMONT, CA: Auto dealer...

Here's how AI and Cognitive Automation are Breaking Barriers in Logistics
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FREMONT, CA: Accurate and fast delivery has a special impetus among the businesses owing to the stiff market competition. As a result, enterprises are investing a significant amount of energy and time to achieve new levels of cost, speed, and...

E-Commerce can Address the Challenges of the Automotive Industry
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FREMONT, CA: Past few years have witnessed a significant shift from the in-store shopping toward e-Commerce. All the niches, whether it is food products, fashion, electronics and home appliances, beauty products, or medicines, are available...

The Implementation of Edge Technology in Travel and Transportation
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FREMONT, CA: Travel and transportation agencies are always required to stay alert for one emergency or other. It can be the blizzards hindering the movement of delivery trucks, or it can be the change in the traveling schedule of passengers. Thus,...

Panasonic and Tesla Motors Join Forces to Realize Cost Effective Electrical Vehicles
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FREMONT, CA: Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors have entered into an agreement in order to build Gigafactory, a large-scale battery manufacturing plant in the U.S with an objective to boost Tesla’s market presence in the field of...

Artificial Intelligence Takes Supply Chain to the Next Level
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FREMONT, CA – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the business world, contributing trillions to the global economy. The adoption of AI has boosted numerous industries over the years, and the supply chain is one of them. Effective...

Your Safety Advantage: Drones Help Avoid Risks on the Ground
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Robert E. Sinclair, Corporate CAD Technology Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have seen increased use partly due to improvements in drone-adaptable sensory technology. These improvements allow companies like ours to offer clients an increasing number and broader range of solutions via an...

Transforming Supply Chain for the "Now Economy"
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Steve Martin, VP of Automotive, Ryder System, Inc. [NYSE:R]

Affordable technology’s moving at warp speed, putting immense pressure on businesses across all industries to keep up. It’s a matter of choosing to step onto the playing field to tackle the competition in spite of the bumps and bruises...

Connected-car Technology Favors Cellular Communication Over DSRC
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The world is preparing to integrate connected-vehicle service with the transportation industry, not only to thwart accidents but also to facilitate ease of communication between the vehicles. Even so, many organizations and departments are wary of...
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