Here Are Some Advanced Auto Techs Changing Your Vehicle
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To assist the drivers,' new cars have great features from mobile Internet access to collision-detection systems to automated braking and steering capabilities. FREMONT, CA: The modern advances extend from mobile web access to collision...

How to Bridge the Innovation Gap across Smart Car Solutions
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The complexity of driving systems has increased the challenge of how such systems need to be developed; many rising players like RideOS and Baidu are trying to solve this issue with their open-source approach. FREMONT, CA: There are a vast...

Can Uber and Lyft Solve the $150B Problem of U.S. Medical Transportation?
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Healthcare Industry is joining hands with Uber and Lyft to remold the mode of transportation, which will save the providers from annual loss and will provide better care to patients. FREMONT, CA: The Medicare sector transforms with changing...

Why CIOs Can't Ignore TaaS and Autonomous Car
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CIOs should start thinking to leverage TaaS and autonomous vehicles in the transport sector, which will lead to an innovative way of working. FREMONT, CA: In the present century, transformative transportation technologies are changing...

Broadcom launches BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform
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Hock Tan, CEO

World’s first AI driven unified shift-left continuous testing platform enabling organizations to achieve agility at enterprise scale. FREMONT, CA: Broadcom Inc., an infrastructure technology company, has declared the availability of...

Is it Possible for Autonomous Vehicles to Achieve Near-Human Reasoning?
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When the consumer trust is fast declining in autonomous vehicles, there is a need for safe and robust control systems which can ensure seamless navigation in unfamiliar routes. FREMONT, CA: In the face of the multitude of accidents...

LiDAR-Driven Autonomous Future
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FREMONT, CA: Smart cars, robots, and other automated systems are gaining popularity due to several technologies that these smart devices incorporate. Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is one such critical technology, steering the autonomous...

The Aspects of IoT that Ridesharing Companies Should Know About
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FREMONT, CA: The ridesharing industry in recent years has gained a great deal of popularity. Today, millennials prefer to travel by shared transportation services like Uber rather than self-driving vehicles. The offered convenience with an...

Connected Car and its Benefits
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FREMONT, CA: With an increase in the applications of internet of things (IoT), the concept of connected car emerged and carved its way into the market. Like any other IoT embedded device, a connected car interacts with other devices, improving the...

3 Reasons Automakers are Prioritizing Tech Safety (And How They're Doing it)
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Arun Ganesan, VP & CTO, Esurance

For the last century or so, carmakers have been looking for innovative ways to make their vehicles safer. Simply buckling your seatbelt, for instance, reduces the risk of death by 45 percent and the risk of serious injury by 50 percent. But in...

SwRI Develops Cybersecurity System to Test Flaws in Autonomous Vehicles
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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) recently developed a cybersecurity system to test the flaws in autonomous vehicles which use GPS for navigation. It aims to improve the flexibility of autonomous cars by evaluating the system responses to...

Leveraging IoT for Active Vehicle Safety
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Road accidents and traffic congestions are the rising challenges in urban areas. However, with the help of new technologies automobiles sector is focusing more on proactive measures for safety. The modern transport claims that vehicle crash can be...

The Appification of Everything
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James Mazarakis, EVP and CIO, WSFS Bank [NASDAQ: WSFS]

Hardly a day goes by without someone mentioning a new “app” that performs a function that we all need to keep ourselves sane during our work day or to have more fun during our leisure time. If there is a need, then there is someone out...

A Security Enhancement Methodology for Connected Cars
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The connected cars are one of the fastest growing markets that use computing power and interconnectivity in car design. The convergence of internet of things and in-vehicle technologies, like remote diagnostics, onboard GPS, collision avoidance...

Automotive Industry should deploy new AI-based solution, see how
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Road safety and cybersecurity coincide with the millions of connected vehicles used by businesses as well as individual consumers around the world. Because many vehicles rely on wirelessly connected sensors to run these systems, there is an...

The Digital Era of Connected Vehicles with Security Features
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Equipped with internet access, the connected car has become more conventional. The modern vehicles advertisements are packed with aggressive promotion of features requiring online connections such as GPS, collision avoidance, lane assistance, and...

Developing Automotive Cockpits of the Future
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The growth of automotive cockpits has exploded over the past decade. General functions such as steering, accelerating, braking along with entertainment equipment and navigation aids have evolved into infotainment systems heavily fortified by...

Artificial Intelligence: Fueling the Next-gen Automotive Industry
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The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry is not new and AI has already made significant transformations in the automotive arena. IBM Watson’s collaboration with General Motor’s OnStar platform and...

Spotting Wayward Shapeshifters In The Data
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Tom Fournier, CTO, Opus Group

My first car, a hand-me-down 63 Ford Custom, was as honest as the day is long. The simplicity of its small block V8, carbureted fuel delivery, and three-on-the tree shifter hid nothing. Pressing the accelerator left no doubt as to the cost of its...

How the Ag Industry is (and has been) Driving Automation in Transportation
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Ganesh Jayaram, VP of Information Technology, John Deere

Over the last decade, the automotive industry has gone through an immense transformation with the introduction of self-driving cars brought on by new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and...
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