Level Traceability for Automotive Customers
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Dr. Ajay Sattu, Sr. Manager, Automotive Strategic Marketing, Amkor Technology, Inc.

Automotive product traceability has existed in one form or another for several decades. Traceability generally refers to tracking and tracing each component that comprises every sub-system in a car. Traditionally, this has been achieved with...

How Import Is Cybersecurity Experts in the Automobile Industry
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As automakers realize that as vehicles become more connected, cybersecurity becomes their number one priority. Fremont, CA: Cyberattacks are ubiquitous and increasing in number every year. Even the automobile industry is influenced by it....

How to Create A Safe Workplace In Automotive Industry
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Several risks are related to automotive industry, employers should properly train their employees to save themselves from serious injuries. FREMONT, CA: Anyone who runs a business knows how vital workplace safety is. Keeping employees safe is...

Ford's Aluminum F150 an Internal Perspective
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Paul Herbach, Director of Automotive Technology, Olympic Steel [NASDAQ: ZEUS]

Let’s change the world! I don’t know that any of us really thought about the future impact of what we were about to do. We were just doing our jobs but the impact of this project would be different. I don’t know if we changed the...

The Future of Automotives: Driven by People, Powered by Digital
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Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon Corporation [NASDAQ:VC]

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Automotive Space? Electric and clean energy vehicles are becoming prevalent, and with companies such as Tesla leading from the forefront, this is a trend that is going to stay. It’s...

A Global Understanding Imperative in the Automotive World
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Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products

Cloud ERP, our Bread and Butter We have fully embraced cloud computing at Inteva. We run our ERP system through the cloud—which is our bread and butter system. Cloud computing allows us to keep our costs low, keep our skill set at a...

The Future of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are the first step to make car buyer fully accustomed to a fully electric vehicle.  Fremont, CA: Electric vehicles are the allies of the environment; however, they have received an average response...

How the Automotive CIO can bring Change in the New Era
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Now the CIOs not only have to align the business strategy and the digital strategy but also to see around corners, understand what market shifts are there, and to promote new business models within the respective companies. FREMONT, CA: It is...

Here is Gartner's CIO Plan for Automotive Digital Change
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Automotive industry is gaining their value from the IT department either through software that aids in development and manufacturing or through systems that enable new business models. FREMONT, CA: The automotive space is customarily synonymous...

Independent And Franchise Car Dealers Differs On The Market Conditions
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Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index (CADSI) Q3 2019 survey was conducted in the U.S to find how car dealers view the current market. FREMONT, CA: The auto industry continues to attract millions of entrepreneurs and dealers who want to start a...

How AI and Analytics Can Renovate the Auto Industry
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Automotive industry can achieve new levels of innovation, productivity and investment through the platform of advanced automation. FREMONT, CA: In an age of transformation, Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are creating new...

How to Reshape the Dealership Business with AI
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In the current scenario, artificial intelligence can streamline the work process in the automotive industry by providing greater assistance. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is controlling all the industries in a way or other. It is...

Seven Ways a CIO can Pick the Right DMS
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Appropriate dealership management software will leverage the industry by simplifying tasks and boosting marketing. FREMONT, CA: Automation has become the king of the industries and is revolutionizing the existing systems. Automotive...

Self-driving Cars are on the Way to Markets
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Machines are going to do driving for humans in the future, but technological limitations are still an obstacle in the row. FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry is planning to launch fully-automated cars so serve the market with driverless...

StradVision brings Advanced Technological Movement in Automobile Industry
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Sunny Lee, COO, explains progress in deep learning with StradVision. It paves the way to self-driving automobiles.      FREMONT, CA: StradVision, a provider of vision processing technology, attended the Autotech...

Unveiling Transparency to Every Vehicle Service Visit
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Tracy Fred, Vice President and General Manager

The new and upgraded service tracker is helping in bringing trust and transparency to every vehicle service visit. FREMONT, CA: "As service revenue continues to play an increasingly dominant role in dealership gross profits — 49.6...

Leaders from Automotive and Mobility Industries release a Framework for Safe Automated Driving Systems
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As the autonomous vehicle megatrend is gathering speed, there are also related safety problems. New guidelines are being issued by keeping in mind design by safety in the automotive and mobility industries for safe automated passenger vehicles....

How Automotive IoT Solutions Streamline Car Rental Business?
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IoT enabled cars to have a lot to offer to the customers ranging from improved control over vehicle status, enhanced security features for alarms and lost car keys, to driving ability and vehicle safety. FREMONT, CA: Through the internet of...

Group 1 Automotive announced the expansion of $1.8 to $2.1 billion Revolving Credit Facility
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Extension to $2.1 billion Revolving Credit facility will be strengthening Group 1 Automotive’s balance sheet with trustful lenders. FREMONT, CA: Houston-based Group 1 Automotive, one of the largest automotive dealership and franchise...

Power Shifting: Triple Shift Left in Auto Electronics
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Burkhard Huhnke, VP Automotive, Synopsys Inc.

Automotive electronics require exponential complexity along four dimensions: 1. Information synchronization by consolidating dozens of ECUs onto a centralized, high-performance computing board 2. Increased Intelligence by combining this...
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