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World gets smarter with forthcoming IoT trends

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) has now become an integral part of our daily lives. Monitoring home appliances and industrial operations is just a click away as IoT is all about staying connected. Users are digitally linked to the devices and their processes, without physically being associated with them. The tech-driven world is all set to welcome innovative trends in IOT the coming days. Here they are!

• 5G to broaden the IoT spectrum

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The most awaited 5G networks will soon combine with IoT to unlock the full potential of the technology. Supporting ultra-fast data communications 5G-enabled IoT applications would be reliant on efficiency, scalability, and viability. With the evolution of for-the-consumer 5G networking capabilities, the scope of utilities offered by IoT has dramatically widened. With this, the idea of building smart cities will soon elevate to become a smart world.    

• AI makes IoT increasingly intelligent

The fact that the amalgam of AI and IoT can create miracles is a known one. Moving to the next level this high-tech combination is now on the verge of creating a smart machine-to-machine environment, which encompasses cognitive computing algorithms to rationalize data complexities, nullify human intervention, promote efficiency, and ensure security and quality.    

• Voice-enabled virtual assistants take over the existing ones

IoT advancements lead to the developments of talking assistants: getting things done is just a command away. The emerging speech and voice-enabled IoT-based virtual assistants are sure to offer high-quality functionality with the help of smart voice control mechanisms, and voice recognition modules, which support natural-language-based feedbacks and instruction detection.    

Adding value to almost every industrial process, IoT has been completely transforming the style of living. With continuous evolutions and revolutions, this technology has more to offer the world in the future. 

 Few  Industrial IOT Companies: Atollogy, Axzon, Sightline Systems

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