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Why it is Necessary to Manage Security in the Connected Cars

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 24, 2020

The connected car owners need to understand the security risks associated to it and plan an end-to-end security approach.

FREMONT, CA: Smart cars face all kinds of security problems and challenges, not only because they are connected, but they can even be breached into and remotely controlled. It is also a fundamental safety aspect of car ownership as the user does not want someone with minimal understanding of hacking to access and take control of the systems of the car. For instance, using only $600 worth of radio and PC equipment, a team of hackers compromised a popular electric car's key fob. By opening the gates, they drove away.

Perhaps more extreme than that, connected cars can be hacked remotely and controlled. White hat hackers have shown this on a variety of occasions. Two hackers gained possession of the Wired journalist's self-driving SUV. They played with the air conditioning, radio, and windshield wipers, finally turning down the car's engine and forcing the driver to stop at the side of the lane.top connected car solution companies

The data and privacy factor

Since it is linked to the Internet, a car's data trail is also available for the cybercriminals to snoop. By default, connected vehicles have become part of the data journey and are related to individuals, other cars, residences, workplaces, shops, smart city services, and more. It implies that they are private data sources, including location-based details as to where the driver and passenger is located, plus other information that they might use in the vehicle, email, or Google searches, or social media. After all, users are on a machine on wheels.

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It begins with making a case for linked vehicles, re-emphasizing their advantages, and then goes on to a safety roadmap. Here are some of the main steps:

Focus on the overall advantages of the connected car

Connected vehicles can help avoid collisions, minimize traffic congestion, and, by lower carbon emissions, positively affect the environment. There are customized owner advantages to highlight, including greater comfort, more manageable maintenance through observations, and in-car entertainment choices.

Understand the types of cybersecurity risks and threats

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has defined four areas of risk associated with cyber threats around connected car data in the U.S. The hazards consist of privacy and protection, fraudulent commercial transactions, non-safety operational interference, and safety-related operative interference. Car manufacturers need to consider these cyber threats and counter them by putting necessary and efficient safety measures in place.

Plan and implement an end-to-end security approach

From connecting to the cloud to interacting with the car manufacturer's servers to downloading in-car content for passengers, there are more in-car connection points than ever before. It produces more possible security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. To mitigate these threats, manufacturers need to put a structured, end-to-end protection approach in place.

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