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Why Is AI Implementation Becoming a Must for Automotive Industry?

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, January 14, 2019

Advancements in artificial intelligence continue to develop on industries like aviation technology, manufacturing technology, and others. This is because, the offerings of AI, machine learning and deep learning can help companies to become more efficient.  But one industry which is witnessing dramatic change is the automotive sector. AI is revolutionizing this industry and has entirely new ways for people to get around and will also impact the way traffic will be maintained in the cities.

• Autonomous Cars

The attempts to create driverless cars are gaining promising with the availability of advanced technologies, notably AI. Although fully autonomous cars haven’t made it to the market, some companies are committed to bringing self-driving cars to the front shortly.

• Cloud technology

Cloud computing has a variety of benefits and acts as a perfect stage for installing AI technology in the automotive sector. It offers features like data access, fast processing speed, and centralizes connectivity. In an era, wherein automobile manufacturers are looking forward to the developing technology, cloud-based technology can help them to develop the technology.

• Internet of Things

In the future ahead, more and more cars will be connected with the internet as the new vehicles will be equipped with smart sensors, connectivity applications, and geo-analytical capabilities. IoT can help in sending data directly to the manufacturer or dealer and through IoT vehicles can report problems and schedule repairs accordingly.

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• Improved Connectivity

AI-based infotainment system will enable drivers to send and receive emails, perform internet functions and interact with smart apps using voice command. Vehicles will soon include Wi-Fi hotspots; which will enhance the internet connectivity thereby helping people to be more connected.

• Insurance Risk Assessment

Insurance firms are always there to reduce the risk factors. There are major companies that are using deep learning, AI technology and cloud-based system that will assist insurance firms to keep track of driver alertness and unsafe driving habits.

Improvements in the Automotive Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence will help in the manufacturing process of vehicles, how inventory is managed and improvements in the quality of the car too. AI will further assist in detecting defects much better than humans and can also be used in demand forecasting which can further reduce inventory cost.

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