Vehicle Connectivity: The demand is at the Peak

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, May 03, 2019

Most of the innovations are driving changes globally at an unprecedented pace and are acting as drivers in creating a competitive edge among the industries. The automotive industry is at the frontline of this transformation and is expected to see a swift rise in the upcoming digitalization wave.

Manufacturers have already initiated the integration of new technologies in cars to make them unique in the market with autonomous features, ecosystem connectivity, and other innovations. In fact, many companies predicted that connected cars would be operated on the roads in the future.

Here are a few ways that manufacturers could use the latest technology to establish new ways in the automobile industry to reach a tipping point of demand for vehicle connectivity.

Manufacturers should think out of the box

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It's essential for manufacturers to think broadly in terms of what other connected devices and ecosystems can interact with the car. Creating an ecosystem will pave the path for customers loyalty and advocacy through longer-term investments which ultimately results in creating new revenue streams.

Bridging the gap

Today, most of the connected devices often operate in siloed ecosystems which results in limited connected experience from one environment to another. Automobile companies have conducted numerous research projects to provide exceptional experiences across distinct ecosystems to create one universal connected environment.

The advancements in vehicle-to-everything technology pairing up with autonomy and V2X technologies can create unique experiences across various connected ecosystems such as home, office, and much more.

5G technology can support applications that can detect steep road and traffic situations with better connectivity speed and minimal latency. With all these innovations cars can become smarter and more interconnected than ever before.

In order to build the universal ecosystem of vehicles, there should be integration among the outside ecosystems of the vehicles along with the necessary IT infrastructure.

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