Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends Impacting the Automobile Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A digital marketing strategy is of utmost importance to the automobile industry, hoping to retain critical market share and customer share of voice.

FREMONT, CA: Trends change, and catching pace with these changes is essential and necessary for a successful business. All businesses need to adapt to new ideas and trends, and the automotive industry no exception. Digital marketing has made a dominant position in the automotive industry with its popularity and convenience, which has proven to be a significant boost to business in terms of branding, increased traffic, and customer reach. The automotive sector is experiencing a remarkable transformation that marketing will need to adapt to. Here are some new digital marketing trends that can augment automotive business strategies to keep up in the market.

Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2019• Video Marketing

People love to watch videos that are creative and concise. Video marketing has made a humungous impact on the automotive business. Utilizing social media advertising by posting video ads in different networking sites makes the brand visible and widespread why the brand is the most desirable automobile dealership than competitors is vastly trending with better results. A video shows if the products are essential or not. Studies show that videos are influencing 69 percent of car buyers.

• Online Presence

Whether purchases are made online or offline, automotive customers research extensively online. The minute they decide to buy a vehicle, they quest to compare brands, models, and prices, with an eye out for reviews. This is why automotive brands need to have a robust online presence on the social media platform. Boosting presence in the search engines by spending on SEO endeavors will ensure that the brand reaches its audience in their homes' comfort.

• Virtual Showrooms

Using the gift of visual effect to benefit, giving customers a quick sneak peek of the showroom. It is a beneficial tool in digital marketing. Usage of real-time 3D rendering technology that allows visitors to configure a life-sized virtual vehicle at its virtual showrooms is an innovative trend that is eye-catching and impactful.

• Campaigning

Planning an event for customers that display the automobile, its specification, and features that make the product known in the market is an effective digital marketing strategy.  It will be beneficial if brands delve into VIN-specific marketing and allow the customers to pick the desired model.

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