TireView, a product by P.S.I will be launched shortly

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, March 22, 2019

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I) has announced it would soon introduce its new product, TireView. P.S.I has stated that TireView is a system designed for monitoring the pressure of the trucks, tractors and more, at Technology and Maintenance annual meet held by the American Trucking Associations’ 2019.

TireView is a result of Pressure Systems’ extensive thought process to leverage tech enhancements to make the optimum use of the existing efficiency standards and cost. As an enterprise grows, the quantity of data generated and which is to be handled multiplies. To overcome such operational challenges, to achieve easy management and assessment of the data and executions, and to sustainably design the processes ensuring smooth, fast and effective implementations, TireView takes the front seat of the latest tech innovations in the automobile industry. Particularly featuring the trucking vertical, this advanced tire pressure monitoring system has an exclusive ‘bumper-to-bumper’ facility, which is specially made for full-fledged tire management. TireView is a milestone which enriches the P.S.I’s portfolio, by offering hi-tech characteristics to the tire management procedures such as high flexibility, cost and time efficiency and many more.

TireView is an integration of utilities, which strongly impact tire pressure management. This product supports automatic tire inflation especially for the trailers, among various other systems and features. Such inflation systems ensure the tires are filled with air in case of a puncture. The high-tech tire management system is provided with telematics, which works on the concept of feedback signaling. With this, data can be sent back to the operations while steps would be taken to attend it further.

With its impactful and change-driven ideas, Pressure System International developed to become an industry. P.S.I holds the mission of delivering automatic tire management features such as tire inflation systems, tire pressure management systems auto-monitoring systems and more. P.S.I continuously works towards serving its mission statement and making the customers happy globally.          

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