The Implementation of Edge Technology in Travel and Transportation

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Travel and transportation agencies are always required to stay alert for one emergency or other. It can be the blizzards hindering the movement of delivery trucks, or it can be the change in the traveling schedule of passengers. Thus, travel organizations have to promptly address these unexpected situations and provide solutions accordingly to facilitate seamless operation.

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Leveraging edge technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT) can enable effective processing of real-time data, allowing organizations to undertake timely actions in response to the change.

Edge technology-powered devices can be used to deliver real-time data to consumers and organizations to track and trace freight and travel conditions as well as any changes along the way. Track and trace technologies leverage advanced sensors which enable the organizations to manage operations, monitor shipments, and track estimated times of arrival.

The organizations can utilize cloud-based location analytics to enhance the decision-making process when it comes to scheduling, workforce management, and inventory planning. The incorporation of edge-data analytics with IoT sensors and geolocation can facilitate a business intelligence dashboard with real-time information on fleet truck locations to assist dispatchers, dock supervisors, customer service reps, and network operation centers. The integration of weather and traffic data into the analytics can empower the organizations to optimize the travel routes in real-time.

The AI-driven analytics can assist the organizations is anticipating roadblocks and obstacles along the journey by assessing external data streams to identify any unforeseen situations that might hinder the travel experience. The application of AI technology will also allow the organization to predict passenger demand, operations performance, and route performance. Likewise, it can be used to predict vehicle failures and enhance fleet maintenance.

Sensors powered by edge technology enable tracking of cargo in real-time, offering information about its location as well as the condition. The Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) tags are embedded with sensors having temperature, motion, light, and pressure measurement capabilities. They can transmit data to organizations through cellular networks. The utilization of edge technology will give an unprecedented level of responsiveness to network, travel, and transportation companies, empowering them to deliver a much more satisfying experience to the customers.

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