Advancing Role Of A CHRO

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Advancing Role Of A CHRO


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Decoding Emotional Purchase Decisions

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

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Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

The Evolving Cyberthreat Landscape

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cybersecurity is again being tested as cyber threats are evolving. The threat actors have started leveraging intelligent technologies to outwit a company’s cybersecurity solution and rob them of their data. Organizations need to track and prepare for these threats to improve their organization’s resilience and support business goals.

The cyber threat landscape has grown manifold with the number of high profile breaches and attacks making headlines almost every day. Listed below are some of the emerging cybersecurity threats that can hamper the growth of an organization:

Cryptojacking: The lack of network segmentation and backups has given rise to ransomware attacks that exploit the underlying vulnerabilities of an organization. Cybercriminals encrypt data to demand for ransom in lieu of an organization’s resources. They use the same variant of ransomware to mine for cryptocurrency, which is known as crypto jacking. Cryptojacking allows the threat actors to mine the cryptocurrency in the background without being noticed by the cybersecurity solution.

Internet of Things (IoT) device Threat: IoT technology has become one of the most significant sources of data collection for companies. Companies install IoT devices in their equipment to gather data about the health of their equipment.  These devices have the increased number of endpoints, putting the cybersecurity under grave threat.

Cross-site Scripting: Cross-site scripting has become one of the leading vulnerabilities as organizations find it extremely difficult to mitigate cross-site scripting attacks in the development cycle. These attacks allow cybercriminals to use a company’s website to execute malicious code in a victim’s browser. This allows the adversaries to interact with a user and steal their cookie information used for authentication.

Mobile Malware: The deluge of smartphones has been a significant cause of concern for the cybersecurity of a firm. Many smartphone users use an old and updated version of the software in their smartphones, creating vulnerabilities for the cybersecurity.

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