Superformance and Everrati Announces a Strategic Partnership

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Superformance and Everrati have announced a strategic alliance, with the first new model being an electrified version of the legendary GT40.

FREMONT, CA: Superformance, the top manufacturer of 1960s-era continuation component sports cars, and Everrati, a pioneering technology organization specializing in the redefining and future proofing of automotive icons through the integration of innovative electric vehicle powertrains, have announced a strategic alliance, with the first new model being an electrified version of the legendary GT40.

Everrati was formed to continue the legacies of some of the world's most coveted and iconic automobiles by redefining and precision re-engineering them with cutting-edge electric drivetrains while maintaining and improving the original characteristics. Each Everrati is equipped with a custom-designed electric power unit and battery system, resulting in improved performance and a future without emissions.

Superformance provides a complete line of high-performance component cars inspired by some of the world's most famous automobiles. All the vehicles are produced under license from trademark holders such as GM and SAFIR GT40, which adds authenticity and value to the cars. Superformance vehicles are available as rolling chassis and can be equipped with either traditional or modern drivetrains.

Justin Lunny, Founder, and CEO, Everrati, "This is the perfect partnership. The sole focus of both Everrati and Superformance is iconic cars and Lance, and his team are THE guys when it comes to authorised continuation chassis of some of the most legendary cars in history. Marrying these chassis with our advanced EV powertrains and precision engineering will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original. We aim to create the best electric drivers' cars while, at the same time, futureproofing these true past masters. So many legendary cars were created by Anglo American partnerships during the 1960s. In fact, the very first GT40 was brought to life in the early Sixties by a UK-based team led by expat British engineer, Roy Lunn, at Ford Advanced Vehicles in Slough. Its body was even made by Abbey Panels in Coventry, before the finished car was shipped to the US for it unveiling the day before the New York Auto Show, in April 1964. So, it feels highly appropriate for Everrati to be partnering with Superformance, furthering not only the legacy of automotive icons but the partnership between the UK and US. Another cross-Atlantic connection is that our development HQ is located on a former US air base in the Oxford shire country side."

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