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SLD Launched Power Blue Laser for Materials Processing

By Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, July 15, 2019

The high powered, compact and bright fiber-coupled blue laser modules modernize the market with its exceptional design.

FREMONT, CA: SLD Laser, a global seller of visible laser-based light sources and blue laser products has launched fiber-coupled blue laser modules with ultra-compactness, high brightness, and power.

 SLD laser is intended for materials processing applications, including copper welding for battery production for electric vehicles and consumer electronic devices, as well as 3D printing. With its ultra compacted technology, it delivers 20 watts from 100-micron transport fiber.

At the world's leading trade fair, Laser Photonics; SLD Laser will debut the blue laser module technology and demonstrate its award-winning UL and IEC safety certified high luminance LaserLight-SMD and Laser Light Fiber products.

 According to Dr. James Raring, President, COO, and Co-Founder of SLD Laser, “SLD’s blue laser light modules feature up to 12 times the absorption, processing quality and speed compared to infrared laser technology.”

Raring continued that the technology can produce superior results with aluminum, stainless steel or copper, along with other metals like titanium, gold, silver, and nickel. It can also be used in thin metal processing and 3D printing.

SLD’s architecture of blue laser modules is highly absorptive in non-metals and organics alike, ideal for marking, engraving, and the cutting of materials. Moreover, the laser output can be highly useful in medical applications exhibiting more than 10 times the absorption in blood hemoglobin and melanin in skin bringing solutions to next-generation medical ethics.

“LaserLight products serve a myriad of applications such as automotive headlights, portable handheld flashlights, drones, off-road light bars, and professional applications in search and rescue, We are thrilled to now take the next step, and introduce the blue laser module technology for emerging industrial materials processing and biomedical applications,” mentioned Dr. Paul Rudy, CMO and Co-Founder of SLD Laser.

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