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Self-driving car is no longer a myth, here are factors that make it functional

By Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bringing intelligent autonomous cars to reality is no more a myth. Ushered to the new era by the cutting-edge technologies, the automobile industry has been characterized by a gamut of smart innovations such as auto-geared vehicles, electric cars, vehicle crossovers, and more. The buzz is all about this industry’s new autonomous vehicles. Focusing on various critical factors like driving speeds, gear systems, scalability, safety and security, engine stability, navigation landscape, real-time on-road situations and challenges, automobile engineers are leveraging advanced predictive analytics, concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Besides, developments in the fields of image processing and edge computing have transformed the way how automobile professionals perceived autonomous advancements. Here is a specially designed crisp roadmap to realize the idea of autonomous vehicles.

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• Using smart data analytics

Powering the digital data exchange and user communications, engineers are using high-tech data-driven analytics to not only gear up data management systems but also to overcome traffic congestion challenges. Also, smart data centers are adopting data privatization and standard acknowledgment methods.    

• Enhancing cybersecurity

To offer positive and dynamic user experiences, embracing advanced cybersecurity techniques is not an option. The software architecture of the vehicular ecosystem can override the vulnerabilities with the help cyber-focused networking. Cyber-secured auto-driving mechanisms establish trust between the user and the technology.

• Ensuring Real-time tangible sensing features

Machine vision enables converts insights into dynamic and practical visibility. Tactile sensing is a new technological trend, which bridges the gap between the actual road characteristics and the software actions, with the help of comprehensive analysis. 

Progressing at a tremendous speed, automobile technology has steered the evolution of advanced and sophisticated self-driving automotive development. Future proofing the era of automated driving, self-driven vehicles have been the most expected and awaited revolution.

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