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Real View Safety Launches Back Up Camera Smartphone App

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Real View Safety Launches Back Up Camera Smartphone App

BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Rear View Safety, a consumer safety organization and back-up camera distributor, has introduced GoVue –a back up camera smartphone app- in order to overcome the hindrance of blind spots and facilitate easier, accident-free driving.

On installing the app from App Store or Google Play on a mobile phone or tablet, the visual information from your car's Wi-Fi back up camera system appears on screen within the application in real-time. The backup camera connects wirelessley to the smartphone allowing the user to see the camera view on the smartphone screen.

GoVue back up camera system comes with weatherproof Charge Couple Device (CCD) camera, enabling it to withstand the effects of rain and dust. It is equipped with 18 infrared lights and a waterproof wireless transmitter.

Besides allowing real-time viewing on phone screen the system provides the option of recording camera footage on to the phone, which is saved to the app directly.  It also enables the saving of still shots from the camera view. The back up or reverse camera has a distance range of up to 100 feet and features a 130 degree viewing angle.

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