Mvoid Release 2.3 is available!

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Mvoid, the virtual product development experts for Automotive, Consumer and Professional Audio, has released the latest Mvoid version 2.3. The new version adds process level six to the Mvoid-Auto product range. This process level enables the measurement of physical audio products and is a key element for the creation of digital twins. Furthermore, many additional and new functions are introduced in the new release. These provide enhanced accuracy, increase usability and allow a closer coupling of all functions.

Extension of the product range by process level 6: Measurement of Audio Systems

The Mvoid methodology for tier level six focusses on measurements of physical audio prototypes and products. Tier level six utilizes a multi-channel acoustic measurement system fully integrated into VRtool. It guarantees a smooth transition from virtual prototypes to physical prototypes. Even the creation of a digital twin of the audio system is possible.

Optimizations and additional functions in Mvoid process levels 1 - 5

• Generation and export of balloon plots

Release 2.3 allows the generation and export of balloon plots in process levels three and four for improved visualization of the directional characteristic. The method displays the sound pressure level or radiated sound power on the surface in spherical form in color.

• Ray tracing with advanced source modelling

Ray tracing methods with advanced source modeling provide even more accurate room acoustics. The newly integrated open source format CF2 allows a directional resolution of 5 degrees and frequency bands of 1/3 octave. Sources can be defined more precisely (spatial and frequency domain).

• Automated simulation results

The automatic post-processing feature calculates the sound power over frequency for a specific or all selected locations. At the push of a button, the acoustics experts receive an evaluation of the sound or frequency at a specific point.

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