Leveraging AIOps to Resolve IT Visibility Issues

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The year 2019 commemorates the 60th anniversary of list processing (LISP), the programming language that forms the basis of artificial intelligence (AI). The technology has evolved since its development, impacting the everyday life of the populace. Many businesses and enterprises have incorporated AI into their routine operations, leveraging the technology to drive their efficiency and output.

The rapid growth of AI has also impacted information technology (IT), wherein, it has been adopted to automate some of the operational processes. This approach is known as artificial intelligence operations (AIOps). Even though it has been successfully integrated into the operational infrastructure of the organizations, it still has some obstacles to overcome, namely the data visibility issues. As a result, specific steps have to be taken to fill the gaps in AIOps technology.

In this technology-driven world, digital experience has become an integral part of every company and brand. Hence, monitoring the data has become vital in ensuring a secure digital environment. The IT operations need to have total visibility in addressing the flaws of the digital experience.

Digital experience visibility needs to include digital experience monitoring (DEM), HTML server availability, response time, page load, and web data. Especially when dealing with an unresponsive website or a service, the IT operations team has to fix the problem. Often, the information available to them is not enough to resolve the issue since the IT Ops visibility depends on passive data collection from the information available to them.

Especially in organizations with software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment, the IT teams find it challenging to control the vast number of apps, services, and networks. Since the infrastructure belongs to the service provider, the IT teams cannot gather infrastructure data from the network. Hence, organizations need to rely on external partners.

AIOps cannot fill the visibility gap in the digital experience, but the ability to utilize network monitoring can help in bridging this gap. AIOps can keep track of the communication across the internet protocol (IP) network path, cloud, and SaaS infrastructure. It can also collect global data feeds and generate a complete view of internet routing to trace the source of the problem.

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