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Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

Karamba Security Diversifies and Augments its Autonomous Cybersecurity Technology

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Karamba Security, a premier developer of automotive cybersecurity technology broadened the applications of its embedded security solutions to include connected devices and systems. The enhanced security services are designed to secure enterprise edge devices, industry 4.0 controllers, and other connected systems utilizing Karamba cybersecurity solutions. The runtime integrity software is designed to shield their connected devices.

As connectivity grows to encompass every digital device, including cars, factories, homes, and enterprises, the threat of cyberattacks is also increasing. Cybersecurity threats can not only disrupt the routine functions of an individual but also result in large-scale losses to organizations. The cybersecurity solutions by Karamba will empower connected system providers to deliver secure devices to the customers and shield them from cyberattacks.

The risks of large scale cyberattacks range from immobilizing transportation fleets to deactivating national power grids. Unsecured networks also allow potential hackers to take over surveillance cameras and violate privacy. Integrating the improved security solutions by Karamba can secure the connected devices and thwart any attacks by hackers.

Karamba already has engagements with several car manufacturers and top tier automotive suppliers which have integrated its auto-recovery software technology in their products. The company formed an agreement with the embedded software firm Wind River to assist industrial, aerospace industry, automotive, medical and network providers in integrating self-protection security solution into their connected devices. Karamba and Wind River also agreed to collaborate on the initiative of using embedded runtime integrity in connected systems around the world.

The infrastructure sectors are making cybersecurity a top priority to secure themselves against potential threats of cyberattacks. The new solution by Karamba is an outstanding contribution toward the growth of preventive measures in the connected world. It strengthens the integrity of the connected system and prevents any change to the factory settings, thus averting attempts by hackers to take over the networks.

Every connected device needs enhanced protection to maintain secure functionality. Increased connectivity increases the number of doors for hackers to break in. Thus, connected device providers need to stay on top of their game and enable their devices with robust self-protection solutions without compromising the functionality for the users.

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