IoT Revolutionizing Transportation

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

IoT presents improved exchange of information in the transportation of all kinds of public and private vehicles like personal cars, business motors, trains, UAVs, and busses along with transportation elements like visitors control, parking, gas consumption, and a few.

With the mobile and connectivity advancements, the IoT has made transportation “smart.”  These Smart gadgets are having a vital role to play as they carry out the important operations.

Safety First  

IoT has provided Vehicles with the ability to communicate with each other using data, which could drastically improve the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

Smart sensors embedded into cars or buses could alert other vehicles of road hazards, reckless drivers, or even oncoming traffic delays.

Smart sensors cars could help drivers with disabilities and from falling asleep or drivers suffering from a medical emergency. IoT technology could reduce the occurrence of crashes by 80%. 

With the increase in the adoption of IoT technology, the future of transportation could be driverless and autonomous. IoT can also track a vehicle's health, creating a safe and efficient world.

If there are any problems with a vehicle, the tech or sensors will notify a driver or mechanic, while also notifying other vehicles on the road.

With IoT, companies may monitor a vehicle’s age, fuel performance, braking, and speed. It ensures passengers safety and helps manufacturers to produce better vehicles. 

Few IOT Companies (Auximiti, CCP Technologies Limited, clovity ) 

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management technology has provided solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce maintenance cost, fuel consumption optimization, regulatory compliance, and speed up accident response.

Public Transit Management

The real-time tracking of the vehicle can be done with the help of IoT in transportation, the data that is tracked is sent to a central system and, then to an Internet-enabled mobile device. The Internet of Things has enabled re-routing features to help people make alternate arrangements with real-time tracking of the vehicle.

Smart Inventory Management

IoT helps in smart inventory management by collecting real-time information from across the warehouse, distribution, and production center, which reduces the cost of inventory and improves predictive maintenance. Smart inventory management systems have also reduced inventory cost and management errors.

Optimal Asset Utilization

IoT in transportation provides an asset tracking feature, which keeps track of the physical assets and their information like location and status. With IoT, the real-time location of a truck and how much load there is on the trailer of the truck can be known.

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