Power Shifting: Triple Shift Left in Auto Electronics

Burkhard Huhnke, VP Automotive, Synopsys Inc.

Power Shifting: Triple Shift Left in Auto Electronics

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Everything in the Next Decade-Right?

Pete Kelly, Managing Director, LMC Automotive

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Everything in the Next Decade-Right?

Data in Driver's Seat

Dr. Mircea Gradu, Executive Director,...

Data in Driver's Seat

Integrating Technology for an Enhanced In-Car Experience

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 07, 2019

The emergence of IoT technology and integrated payments technology has allowed the auto industry to develop mobile purchasing feature as part of their connected home experience. IoT technology has been instrumental in expanding the automation of voice control and natural language processing. 

IoT technology has been used in home appliances to remotely turn off lights, lower the temperature, secure the front door, and many other applications. Automakers are using the same technology in car navigation systems, powering the car, paying Toll taxes, and so on. Honda announced an integrated driver passenger infotainment system called Honda Dream Drive. The system allows its consumers to enjoy a wide range of voice controlled services through their car dashboards. Consumers using The Honda Dream Drive system can pay for gasoline, parking, and food pick up, and toll taxes without using any mobile apps. The system tokenizes the payment method for the customers, which can be used for a variety of merchants that the company has integrated into their platform.

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Automakers have been striving to provide automated car driving experience with connected car technology. The technology allows drivers to use dashboard entertainment systems with the integration of IoT technologies like smart home functions. Connected car technologies also improve driver safety and offer an expanding list of entertainment and information options. Jaguar was the first company to provide an in-car payment system. Users can use this system to pay for gasoline through the shell payment app using touch screen controls.

Safety is the main concern around connected car technology as drivers can use this technology to make payments while driving. The existing payment system for connected car technology uses cloud services for security and authentication. For payment in a drive-through restaurant, automakers need to provide V2X capabilities and secure infrastructure that can talk directly to the local payment point.

Apart from the automakers, many companies from different industries are competing to provide innovative in-car services. Amazon has launched Echo auto that allows users to connect Alexa skills to their car using the car’s audio jack and Bluetooth connection.  

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