How to Scale Automation in Industrial Sector

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Industrial sector is one of the early ones to embrace technological advancements. Time and again it has been observed that new technologies find their early grounds in industrial operations either for research and development or augmenting the operational efficiency. Even after a strong history in the sector, the impact of connected devices, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to be observed at a grand scale. Currently, these technologies function in siloed operations, but once they intersect in the industrial framework output is going to be highly profitable.

Connect Each One

The next phase of industrial revolution points towards factories with robotics, computers, and equipments interconnected with IoT devices and powered by machine learning algorithms. Such an ecosystem of technology will drive automation and optimization to new standards. Smart sensors and connectivity modules will enable monitoring, maintenance, measuring, and tracking of a broader range of equipments remotely. This will allow managers and executives to gain better insights for improving operational efficiency. Thankfully cloud platforms have also made firms stands facilitating cheaper and vast data storage for analysis. Therefore connecting each one to another will benefit in augmenting operation coherence.

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Holistic Approach

Implementing new technology in the industrial sector is an endeavor. Intricate and interlinked industrial processes make it harder to channelize the implementation for the desired output. For this, a holistic approach is required. Firstly, the objective and end-goals must be determined after which the ingredients necessary to achieve them. Taking AI as an example, it needs ample data and adequate processing power to provide futuristic insights for enhancing operational efficiency. The required data can be collected through IIoT devices, and cloud platform can be utilized for efficient data storage and management. An interconnected system forged for seamless data flow and technology optimization would let one achieve the efficiency peak.

Roadmap To Success

Many industrial organizations are too widespread and fragmented to automate them entirely in one go. Even their various operations are still manual; in such a case a stage-by-stage approach is required. Patience with strong leadership and estimation data of the required will help in achieving the end-goal. Primitive industrial equipment, unskilled workforce, and many more roadblocks will be needed to overcome. Therefore, a well-defined roadmap with stages of transformation will be the torch to automation upgrade. 

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