How to Navigate Cybersecurity Risk in Connected Cars?

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

As hard as organizations are attempting to execute security arrangements and innovation to stay aware of threats, hackers are working persistently to undermine them, understanding the present issues and distinguishing best practices to address them are the initial steps to security.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity risk is emerging in the automobile industry day by day, it is an arms race concerning corporate networks, and connected cars are no different than other industries and governments that have been the subject of cyberattacks. Automobile manufacturers have responded by developing cars with the services of a digital chauffeur, navigator, receptionist, and personal assistant. 

Here are some issues automobile manufacturers should have at the top of their minds in navigating cybersecurity risk.

Consumer Apprehension and Creating a Culture of Security

Nowadays, the responsibility of adequate data security is shifted to senior and operational management of the organization from the information technology department – customer service, in-house counsel, marketing, and public relations. Not only consumers but now regulators are also demanding the senior management to get involved in and accountable for data security.

All the organizations should properly train and educate all relevant employees for their role in the data security efforts of the company. Effective buy-in, training, and messaging will serve the dual purpose of enhancing the data security of vehicles and component parts, while also bolstering the company’s reputation and goodwill in the marketplace.

Car Safety and Threat Protection

To become proactive in protecting against safety threats, continuous monitoring is required to find new and continuously emerging vulnerabilities and threats. Organizations should begin by utilizing a rigorous risk assessment methodology for identifying vulnerabilities, potential threats, and risks to data and data security. By following this process, organizations can apply a decision-making process to manage identified risks, involve other partners in the supply chain, and evaluate the evolution of risks and risk mitigation in a continuous improvement cycle.

Eliminating Vulnerabilities by Design

In the past years, consumer organizations, government agencies, and industry groups have increasingly pushed for security to begin on the drawing board. If security will be kept on top of mind during the design and development process, it will eliminate several cybersecurity risks.

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