Advancing Role Of A CHRO

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Advancing Role Of A CHRO


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Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

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Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

How to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk and inject effectiveness in Business process

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

The recent advances in technology have made way for complex infrastructure, making cybersecurity a daunting challenge for enterprises. The proliferation of IoT devices and multi-cloud scenario has also added to the security threats with servers, applications, and data spread all over the globe. These developments have made it paramount for an enterprise to address the evolving needs and opt for efficient security solutions. Here are a few measures for an effective cybersecurity solution:

Visibility: Enterprise needs a practical solution for a 24/7 monitoring of every asset. A business can only detect vulnerability in the system with an accurate inventory of every asset and services connected to the network.

Context: Prioritizing the threats can help to make an effective risk management system as all the security issues do not pose the same level of threat to the system.  Security teams in an enterprise should understand the exposure of assets and the potential security threat to the system.

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Scalability: One of the major significant features of cloud services is the scalability option. It provides flexibility to the organization, enabling them to scale up or down their services according to the demand. Cybersecurity solutions also need to have a scalability option in order to fill all the security loopholes in case of increased demand.

Many companies rely on a number of security solutions which creates a complex web of tools. This approach is cumbersome and ineffective to provide advanced security standards. Another problem with multiple security platforms is the integration of various tools. Every tool has a different response time which makes it extremely difficult to correlate results. The enterprise security team should focus on high priority security concerns instead of integrating multiple solutions.

The complexity of cloud environments and vast use of DevOps and containers require companies to adopt security that can detect a threat in real-time and provide complete visibility for the entire network.

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