How Technology is Developing the Automotive Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Technology is helping enhance the automotive industry with its latest software, interior features, and MaaS.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is continuously making the vehicle more fuel-efficient, driverless, smarter, and connected. These drastic shifts in the automobile industry will help to transform the future of transport. Here are a few trends that will change the companies’ business operations, customers, and products soon.  

1. Manufacturers utilizing Software for Cars

It takes almost five to seven years for a car manufacturer to develop on the underlying blocks of vehicle. Comparatively, a technology company takes less time to refresh their products and primary technology. It is more likely that the lines of codes in a vehicle are more than they are in the space shuttle. This connection between technology and automotive means car manufacturer s are not only in the business of developing traditional hardware, but they have also become a software provider. These software and codes help the automotive industry to achieve faster and frequent updates while preserving the safety of the rider. Therefore, car manufacturers must maintain a better relationship with the provider of the best technology rather than creating them in-house. 

Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Companies in UK - 20192. Cars offering more Interior Features 

With the connection between automotive and technology, the speed of innovation will increase rapidly. The vehicles will become a living room on wheel or office on the wheel as everything will be available inside it. The implementation of artificial intelligence and augmented reality will enhance the interior of the car with features like heart rhythm monitoring, medical diagnostics, and occupant sensing. 

3. Mobility as a service (MaaS) 

After the increasing demand for ride-sharing services, the next trends in the automobile sector will be the self-driven vehicles with mobility as a service (MaaS). Car owners have started to reconsider their decision to purchase a car because of environmental benefits, and it is better for the economy also. If most of the time a vehicle remains unused, it is better to choose the autonomous cars that can offer pickups and drops within a minute. Moreover, the families also do not have to purchase multiple cars when a single-vehicle can pick everyone and drop them at their respective destinations. 

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